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Creating a Basement Extension…

Extend your home underground is a great way of avoiding complex planning issues, but the importance of gaining a valuable living space is essential…

Creating a basement in your home can provide you with nearly half as much living space. If done properly, this will give you an airy and elegant solution to increase the floor area, without having to sacrifice large garden space.

We’re experience in providing a complete architectural service for homeowners planning a basement conversion. Our team will work closely with you, delivering an expert and intuitive approach.

Operating in London and the South East, we’ve helped hundreds of clients extend their home to its full potential.

If you already have a basement or cellar, then converting it to a habitable or usably room is a cost effective way of gaining more space for your home. However, if you are creating a new basement extension, then there will probably be more work, cost, disruption and time compared to other projects for the home. If your creating a new basement, it’s important to ensure the cost of works are feasibly.

Due to the basement being underground the surrounding ground soil provides excellent insulation without extra heating. Without this added extra fuel heating cost it makes a basement space an environmentally efficient option. With light wells and proper insulation it has been known to stay a constant 25c even in winter in some basements.

One factor to take into consideration is to make sure your basement does not feel too disconnected from the rest of the living space. Historically, basements have predominantly been used as a cellar, boiler room, fuse box room or car parking area, which could be considered a waste of valuable living space. You could successfully remodel this space for more inward looking activities such as a TV room, Home Office or Library as there is a reduced amount of window area. These can all be extenuated with aesthetic decoration such as recessed lighting, further enhancing the open space feel. An effective design will balance multiple factors such as acoustics or the need to integrate with the building’s current infrastructure. Ventilation is a very important feature that helps with moisture control. It is useful to equip the basement with air improvement systems such as air-conditioning, which naturally lowers moisture levels in the air, or alternatively a dehumidifier.

When designing a basement space remember to get the right balance between functionality and décor. Resist the temptation to overfill the space leaving it clutter-free and designating a purpose for each area, to create a cosy retreat for lifestyle activities.

So, what makes us a great company to work with?

We’ll meet face-to-face at your property and take time to understand your requirements and consider the problems to overcome. We’ll carry out a detailed and careful site measure to ensure accuracy and a smoother process throughout the design phase.

Good feasibly design is at the heart of our philosophy, we encourage quality basement extensions while respecting the budget. Our architectural drawings will be easy to understand and give you the best chance of a successful planning application.

While working to a tight schedule, we’ll listen to your feedback and comments to adjust the plans until your happy! We include 30 days free amendments with all our projects.

Building Regulations Approval, Party Wall Notices and Build Over Agreements taken care of in house.

In addition, we’ll be on call to assist with client and builders queries throughout the build. Read our ‘How to Choose a Builder’ article for essential advice!

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What Can A Basement Be Used For?

You can use your basement for many different functions, including bedrooms, kitchen, living spaces or cinema/TV areas.

How Much Can Basement Extensions Cost?

Excavations can be very expensive and adding a basement below an existing building can add even further cost! Usually, they are only feasibly where the property prices are high.

What About Light?

Its very important to ensure your basement feels as airy as possible. Excavating light wells will increase light and help reduce a claustrophobic space.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Converting an existing residential cellar or basement into a living space is in most cases unlikely to require planning permission as long as it is not a separate unit or unless the usage is significantly changed or a light well is added, which alters the external appearance of the property.

Excavating to create a new basement which involves major works, a new separate unit of accommodation and/or alters the external appearance of the house, such as adding a light well, is likely to require planning permission.

Do I Need Building Regulation Approval?

Building Regulations apply. They cover areas such as fire escape routes, ventilation, ceiling height, damp proofing, electrical wiring and water supplies.

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