Building Regulations Info : What are they?

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Building Regulations

At Detailed Planning we also aid clients through the building regulations process. Whilst some builds are exempt from building regulations, others must adhere to them in order to be considered legal builds. Local councils contain building control departments whose inspectors assess the plans submitted to them and visit sites to ensure that the plans are accurately put into practice in accordance with the Building Act (1984).

At Detailed Planning, we will liaise with the inspector/local authority on the client’s behalf in order to ensure that building regulations are satisfied and approved.

There are currently 14 independent Approved Documents (Part A – Part P) that require satisfaction in order to meet building regulation standards:

Part A- Structure

Part B- Fire Safety

Part C- Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture

Part D- Toxic Substances

Part E- Resistance to the passage of sound

Part F- Ventilation

Part G- Hygiene

Part H- Drainage and waste disposal

Part J- Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems

Part K- Protection from falling, collision and impact

Part L- Conservation of fuel and power

Part M- Access to and use of buildings

Part N- Glazing- safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning

Part P- Electrical safety- Dwellings

At Detailed Planning we will advise clients and submit full plans on their behalf to the necessary building control body (such as an approved inspector or the local authority). Thereafter, we will advise any amendments that might be required in order to meet Building Regulation approval. Unlike planning permission, construction work may start before Building Regulation approval has been granted. It is also quite usual for the final building to differ in some respects to that which received full plans approval, in which case amended “as built” plans are often required to be submitted to the appropriate Building Control Body. Detailed Planning can produce the necessary “as built” drawings in order to satisfy this legislation. On satisfying Building Regulations, a Building Control Body should issue a “Completion Certificate” or “Final Certificate” upon the practical completion of each building project, to state that the work meets the technical requirements of the Building Regulations.