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What determines whether planning permission is given or refused?

Some elements are not relevant to planning, but it is difficult to specify. However, where possible, all applications should relate in some way to the property purpose or its current development.

The following summaries factors affecting planning decisions and factors that … Read more

Beware of illegal Outbuildings….

An outbuilding can be described as any building on the property but not connected to the main building. This could be a shed, a free standing garage or building annexe. These are often built at the rear of a property and then converted for some form … Read more

08 01 2017


Thinking of building an outbuilding to your property?

A nice outbuilding can really improve the way we enjoy our house and back garden. We can call it a shed, barn, greenhouse, garage or garden studio; this additional living space can have as many names as the different uses we want

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Is London Becoming Overpriced?

No one would choose to live in a shoebox, but with London prices many feel they have no option, other than to live in a home far too small for their needs.

With increased working hours and the stresses of modern life, struggling to live in … Read more

Creating a Fantastic Bathroom….

It has been a long time since the 1940s -1950s when the shower was separated from the bathtub. At a time when having a ‘telephone shower’ was the culmination of a luxurious bathroom. In this new century, the upward trend in bathrooms is the wet room. … Read more

Importance of Listed Building Consent

A listed building in the United Kingdom is a building which has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. Buildings are listed for a variety of reasons and may qualify under one or more of these criteria: Architectural, … Read more

The Importance of Effective Technical and Planning Drawings

The importance of technical drawings and planning drawings for architectural endeavours cannot be neglected. These are a bridge between visualisation and architectural implementations. Whether you require a complete planning drawings, or you need a plan or layout for house extension, technical drawings

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Roof Top Development… Room With a View

Relocation is also an option but, for many reasons, one that does not necessarily suit your needs. In London this problem is even more acute than in smaller cities and towns. An option which is gaining in popularity across London and other similarly

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For a lot of our clients, we are often initially approached with the query of whether they should extend their home, or simply move to a larger property. We often go through the key factors of moving or extending and highlight the possible downfalls and most importantly, the expenses.


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The above image is of a completed loft conversion. The property is a Victorian mid terrace, commonly these properties boast enormous potential for loft conversion due to their large roof spaces with very high ridge line which allows ample head height. The planning drawings were created to the clients design, … Read more

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