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Advice and architectural services to meet the needs of anyone with a commercial interest. No job is too big or too small.

Based in Potters Bar and Wandsworth, we provide expert planning services all across London and the South East.

Our experience dealing with commercial properties means the process is completed promptly with quality you expect. We have an in-depth knowledge of the planning system.

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How Does Planning for Commercial Properties Apply?

There are variety of different scenarios where planning drawings and planning applications are required, of which we have a vast portfolio of these applications. Shop front alterations and advertisement consents are the most popular applications for commercial properties.

As many commercial properties are in conservation areas and are also listed buildings, these are also included within the planning for commercial properties.

Making a shopfront or any other type of alteration to a commercial property is vital to taylor your property for your business. Branding, access and layouts are all very important to the success in the future of your business and the day to day running.

What if I am Changing a Shopfront Sign?

High Street Properties most commonly have a shop front signage displaying the business name. To change this sign an application is required to the council which falls under the category of ‘Advertisement Consent’ The existing and proposed signage will be shown and represented in a drawing form to show the council what the proposal is for with all of the measurements, projections and dimensions.

How Long Will it Take to Complete?

We commonly take between 10 and 15 working days to complete the first draft proposal which is suitable for planning submission. Should you require amendments then this will take an additional couple of days, however we always try to have the full drawings complete with the clients approval within three weeks approximately. The nature of the proposal will also have a large impact on time due to the scale of the development. When contact is made we will always give a guideline to how long it will take to achieve the completed product. 

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