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Design and build is a very popular service that clients chose because of the ease of the process and the overall management by construction professionals. By opting for a design and build service, the design is completed by Detailed Planning, once the client is satisfied with the design and the necessary permissions are in place. We then seek to obtain a competitive price from selected reputable builders.

Our design and build service combines architectural design, engineering and builder into one entity.  We simplify the common problems associated with self-building by carrying out a complete service in house.

Once the builder is selected through the competitive tender process, the contract is written and the works begin.

With regular site meetings the progress is monitored whilst ensuring that any changes or alterations are effectively dealt with. The management is seen through until the completion of the project.

The benefit of design and build is that for inexperienced developers or homeowners, there is the minimizing of the responsibility of the works down to the client. As a contractor we take the responsibility of the large and important decisions as our experience and knowledge is where strengths lie to make the correct choice.

With less complex contracts and less problems communicating between tradesmen and professionals, this service will be a smoother and should be more likely to fall within your budget.  We eliminate client responsibility organising tradesmen and professionals.

Detailed Planning will assign a team for your project who will work closely together to complete your brief.  Our experience within this service can give peace of mind for those considering developing their homes, by minimising risk and potential problems.

Design and build contracts are widely used in the UK, so why should you consider using our design and build team?

  • We all work together to achieve the same goal.  We want to see a successful outcome that exceeds your expectation.  There are always challenges with construction projects, but through recognised communication between client/construction team, we work to overcome these.
  • Faster completion through continuity. Time delays are minimized through efficient organization and quick decision-making.
  • The elimination of separate contractors and inherent efficiency, by using one contractor to deal with the whole process.
  • Any potential construction problems are usually dealt with immediately.

Your involvement is important to us.  We understand that you want to express your ideas.  Your design participation can be can be as little or as much as you feel necessary. Although your ability to participate and be involved is entirely as you feel necessary.

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