Effective Bathroom Design

Effective Bathroom Design

Creating a Fantastic Bathroom….

It has been a long time since the 1940s -1950s when the shower was separated from the bathtub. At a time when having a ‘telephone shower’ was the culmination of a luxurious bathroom. In this new century, the upward trend in bathrooms is the wet room. This room is one of the main features of a modern house. With little investment it can simplify and improve the quality of life. With proper fitting this can even improve the protection of the floor below over a standard bathroom.

When designing a simple upgrade, if a bathroom is on the small side do not try to cram too much into it. The space you have can be maximised without adding new units, this can be achieved by using a bath and place a shower over it. When storage space is a premium then wall mounted units are an option. On the other hand, installing a wet room can be an extremely stylish enhancement to your home, even increasing the value of the whole property. Though the work in achieving this can be far more complex than installing a traditional bath/shower unit and tray.

Bathroom Extension Design

Bathroom Extension Design

Designing and projecting a wet room is complex but rewarding. When properly executed, it becomes a simple, clean and fabulous space. Those different levels that interrupt the uniformity disappear, giving an open space sensation and offering great comfort for all users of any age, being also a more approachable and game changing solution for users with reduced mobility.

The process of building a wet room has to involve a proper waterproofing or tanking of the floor, to ensure that no water can get through it. It is essential that it is designed with a slight slope to conduct any water towards the drain. As with a roof, the floor must not be flat. It is now very common that a waterproof membrane is placed between the floor decking and any tiles or stone flooring used for the wet room, to ensure complete security from leaks going through the floorboards below in case of bathroom floods.

Before creating your luxury bathroom experience you must take into consideration other factors such as water pressure and water heating. To simply purchase a large shower head may not provide the shower you are looking for as this may be a strain for your current water pressure capacity. A bathroom can be equipped with body sprays and jets, deluge shower heads, etc.

One of the most attractive features of a luxury bathroom is its clean simplicity and potential ergonomic design giving you an open space feeling. To be successful in your design it is ideal to keep it simple and efficient, covering any exposing pipes. The fittings and decoration will be the canvas for your decorative additions. To enhance your bathroom experience, under floor heating can be used. This keep the tiles underfoot warm, in conjunction with assisting to dry the tiles.

Bathroom Extension North LondonWindows and orientation are often neglected when conceptualising a new bathroom. The sun’s direction in the morning should be taken into consideration as it creates an uplifting atmosphere in the morning and the sunlight on water effect can be beautiful.

When choosing the sanitary wear clever designs can be optimised by using toilet and sinks which have narrower widths or shallower depths, which are great for smaller spaces or tight floor plans.

Your bathroom adds significant value to your home and should be designed appropriately and accordingly, and most importantly a pleasant space and enjoyed by the end user!

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