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Client Feedback

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Do I need Planning Permission?

The size, type and location of your extensions can affect on whether you need planning or not. If planning is not needed you can use your permitted development rights to gain a certificate of lawful development. Planning portal provides guidelines on the factors to consider when planning to extend. visit www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/house. Please contact us for more information on your development.

When will I get a decision from the council?

Most planning applications are decided within eight weeks, unless they are unusually large or complex – in which case the time limit is extended to 13 weeks. The authority should be able to give you an idea about the likely timetable. If it cannot decide your application within eight weeks, it should obtain your written consent to extend the period. If it has not done so, you can appeal to the First Secretary of State. But appeals can take several months to decide and it may be quicker to reach agreement with the LPA. Find out more about the appeals process. If the local planning authority turns down an application or allows it, but only subject to conditions which the applicant finds unacceptable, the applicant can make an appeal and have the matter resolved by a Planning Inspector. An appeal is also permitted on the grounds of ‘non-determination’ when the local planning authority fails to determine the application within the statutory period. Very occasionally the First Secretary of State will take the decision. An appeal is, however, a last resort. Agreement can often be reached with the planning authority following discussion of the reasons given for the refusal and adjustment of the proposal.

What are Building Regulations and why do I need them?

When you have gained permission for the works, Building Regulations will be required. These are the standards at which the build will need to be constructed to. We will provide all necessary drawings and notes to pass the Building Regulation Application, for the builder then to use as guidance for carrying out the works.

How long will it take to receive my architectural drawings?

Initial drawings are completed within 1 to 2 weeks of a site survey. We also understand in some cases drawings will need to be provided more quickly than this.

Can planning permission be granted after I've built my extension?

If you go ahead with a development without the required permission, the local planning authority may ask you to make a retrospective planning application. This will be considered by the local authority just like any other application.

Can you recommend me with a builder or tradesman?

We often recommend builders and tradesman that we’ve worked with on previous projects. We only refer tradesman that work to a very high standard and offer value for money.