Importance of Effective Technical & Planning Drawings

Importance of Effective Technical & Planning Drawings

The Importance of Effective Technical and Planning Drawings

The importance of technical drawings and planning drawings for architectural endeavours cannot be neglected. These are a bridge between visualisation and architectural implementations. Whether you require a complete planning drawings, or you need a plan or layout for house extension, technical drawings and planning drawings are the first step towards the realisation of architectural concepts.

Planning drawings and architectural drawings form the basis of any building or housing structure and are heavily relied upon to facilitate the construction process. These serve as the guidelines for building and housing construction.

These drawings and plans employ various techniques to effectively communicate the architectural ideas and concepts for house plans and house extensions, with accuracy. This article discusses the importance of technical drawings and planning drawings with respect to their different kinds and techniques.

Extension PlansPlanning Drawings

Planning drawings are what the final project will be completed to look like. The planning drawings are submitted to the council for their approval. The design is to the clients specification and based on currently planning policies. The drawings for the council submission are carefully laid out on A3 sheets for the case officer to read and fullu understand the proposal.

Site Plans

Site plans are another type of architectural drawings that are extremely important for building construction and planning. These are not only worthy for the erection of new buildings and houses, but are also extremely important for planning house extensions.

Site plans provides information about the contextual setting of a building or a houses and are referred to for assessing the overall site as a whole and neighbouring properties.

Building regulationsSection Drawings

Technical drawings in architecture also include section drawings which provide a side cut through of a building. Section drawings are usually used for presenting vertically standing structures, providing measurements concerning height. If you are planning an upward house extension, section drawings are a necessity.

These can be relied upon to convey information about the heights of various floors in a building or, and to depict the overall levels and details through the line of section.


Technical DrawingsHouse Plans

The accurate presentation of architectural details becomes particularly important for buildings that have intricate designs and include complex construction techniques.

The technical drawings and planning drawings for architectural details provides a magnified, closer view of the construction, which conveys the various methods and materials that are to be employed for construction.

Elevation Drawings

Elevation drawings are a vertical view of a building’s or house’s exterior. These represent the façade of the building structure.

Elevation drawings are used to provide accurate details about the construction material, design details, textures, and height of installations such as windows and doors. These drawings show clearly what a building or structure will look like.

Perspective Drawings

Perspective drawings are used to represent a more realistic, three-sided view of a building to convey an idea about relative measurements.

Whether you need a house plan or you are interested in expanding and house extension, technical drawings and planning drawings are essential for ensuring accurate construction and form the basis of your architectural implementations. This emphasises the importance of approaching a professional company that is expert in building applications and has profound knowledge and expertise concerning architectural drawings.

Companies such Detailed Planning are proficient in the field and offer reliable assistance for architectural endeavours at highly competitive prices.

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