Lighting Design

Lighting Design

There are many decisions and details to consider when creating the design of a building.

Lighting is an important aspect of any interior design. The lighting design of a room can dramatically change its aesthetics and improve the overall atmosphere and ambiance. There are a couple of things to consider before experimenting with lights and lighting design. One is of course your budget. After deciding you budget, the next step will be choosing what type of lighting you need and lastly, the quality of the lights you intend to use. There are also plenty of lighting techniques that can be applied to your interiors. This article aims to focus on the different types of lights available and hopefully help with your choice of lighting requirements.

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Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are popular because that are cheaply produced and they provide warm light which is ideal for rooms. The light incandescent bulbs produce are also strong. Conventional light bulbs are not as aesthetically pleasing as the newer versions. Unlike conventional light bulbs, these bulbs can hang directly from your ceiling and give the effect of pendant globes replacing a traditional chandelier for more modern interiors.

Low Voltage Halogen Lights

Low voltage halogen lights are normally smaller than incandescent lights and are used for ceiling down lights, as you would have probably seen at hotel rooms and lobbies. They can look great in any room, particularly kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms. The light emitted by low voltage halogen lamps is warm and they give off a twinkling spark. However, do not think that low voltage halogen lamps consumer less power. Despite their size, low voltage halogen lamps create a lot of wasted heat and use needs more power in return. If you are refurbishing your home or extending, you may wish to include halogen lights within your design, but perhaps consider the possible impact on your energy bills.

Fluorescent Tubes Lights

You must have seen fluorescent tube lights at schools and thought to yourself ‘I am never installing that in my house!’ Fluorescent lights can absolutely be made to look more aesthetically pleasing given the right casing and placement. They do not have to look like school or hospital lights. These lights also come in different colours and can help accentuate the theme and mood that you are going for in a room.

Compact Fluorescent Lights

Compact florescent lights are popular in office establishments because they consume less power and energy and have a long lifespan. This is ideal for locations in your home or building that requires lighting most of the time or for places that are hard to reach and therefore, you would want a lamp with a long life span. When designing your floor plan, if the design is indicating the colour or the warmth of the compact fluorescent light is not enough, you can also install halogen lamps to create a better visual and lighting impact.

LED Lights

LED lights are the most energy and power efficient of all options available. They are long lasting and do not heat up fast like other lamps available. The only downside is that LED lights are also the more expensive option. If you are extending or refurbishing, careful planning and design will help you when making the correct choice for your budget and needs.

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