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Planning Process

To produce a planning application you commonly need to provide:

• Existing Scaled Floor Plans
• Proposed Scaled Floor Plans
• Existing Elevations
• Proposed Elevations
• Location Plan
• Block Plan
• Planning Forms

All planning drawings should be to scale and clearly show the proposed design. When the planning drawings and forms are submitted via planning portal to the local council they are checked by the council to determine whether they require any further details. When the council has received all required details the application is made valid and will appear online for others to see and comment on.

You should allow 8 weeks for the local authority to make a decision. During the 8 weeks the person assigned to the application will likely make a site visit to take photos of the existing premises to assist in their decision. The person assigned to your planning application may contact us to ask for minor amendments so that the application can be approved. This all needs to be completed within the allocated 8 weeks.

Once the decision has made we will be notified with a decision notice which we will forward on the applicant. If the application is granted you will have 3 years to start work. If the application is rejected you have the option of making amendments and re-submitting. You will be exempt from the planning fees for one re-submission. Detailed Planning can take care of the complete planning application and advise on any further approval required such as building regulations.