Prior Notification Approved

Prior Notification Approved

Change of use from Offices to Residential has become a widely exercised application since May 30th 2013. Planning laws changed, allowing office buildings to be converted to residential properties under the ‘Prior Notification’ system. In September 2013 we were approached by our client who had recently purchased a vacant office building in Reigate, South West London. The plans were to convert the office building in to three flats.

A full site measure was conducted, taking down all necessary details and information to begin the planning drawings. Once the measure had been complete, the first proposal had been drawn within ten working days of the site measure. The client requested a few alterations, as well as speaking with local letting agents for their feedback. The drawings were  soon finalised and submitted to the local authority on 22nd October 2013.

All drawings were designed and adhered to the London Plan with the criteria of room sizes and quality of living being addressed. The floor plans were carefully planned to address all necessary requirements as well as following the clients criteria. On the 2nd December the Approval of a Change of Use to Residential to Offices was received.

Once the approval was received, we began the building regulation drawings immediately. This provided the breakdown of the works, these were predominantly:

– Insulation
– Partitions
– Fire Safety
– Drainage
– Glazing
– Sound

These were the main issues to be addressed.

Once the building regulations were completed by Detailed Planning, they were sent to Building Control and the works began on site.

Prior Notification 2



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