Roof Top Development

Roof Top Development

Roof Top Development… Room With a View

Relocation is also an option but, for many reasons, one that does not necessarily suit your needs. In London this problem is even more acute than in smaller cities and towns. An option which is gaining in popularity across London and other similarly congested areas is that of roof top development, even more so since the publication in 2005 of Living Roof Case Studies, supported by the then mayor of London.

What is Roof Top Development?Roof Development

Many people think of roof top development as a suburban loft conversion with a dormer window. When we refer to roof top development here we are talking about a construction on a slightly larger scale. It means the possibility of adding a whole new story onto your building.

What about Planning Permission?

The ease of gaining planning permission for roof top developments will vary from area to area. Factors such as to whether the building is in a conservation area or not and the attitude of the local council toward development will be influential. The use on an architect experienced in this type of development will help ease matters greatly. Well prepared architectural drawings presented with the planning application will help ease the process. Details like the use of mansard roofs, with its double pitched roof, to help disguise the roof top addition will help with obtaining planning permission for the roof top development.


What About the Inconvenience of the Construction Works?

Depending on how much structural work is required, much of the actual building itself can be manufactured off site and then craned into position as prefabricated sections and fitted together. This method of using prefabricated sections enables both the time taken and inconvenience and disruption caused by the development to be minimised for both you and any people sharing the building.

How Much Does a Roof Top Development Cost?

Again, there are so many factors that can affect price that to quote an accurate price would be impossible and misleading. As a ball park figure to use as a starting point, the roof top building constructed for the Architecture Foundation in 2010, including structural work and landscaping, as quoted in The Architect’s Journal (7 October 2010) showed that the 140 m2 construction cost £150,000 or
£937 per m2.

So Where Do We Come In?Master Ensuite

At Detailed Planning We recognise that roof top development is a new popular scheme for many landlords, investors and developers. We offer our architectural services and planning advice to enable the best solution for a successful roof top development from design to construction.

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