Effective Staircase Design

Effective Staircase Design

Be Creative With Your Staircase Design

Your staircase is a huge part of your home, yet all too often it can be taken for granted and overlooked. Here we will give you a breakdown of the important things to consider and take into account when designing an awesome staircase for your home.

So, you have seen a great staircase and you want it, but where do you get it from? There are countless custom staircases around; just a quick Google search is enough to uncover some lovely hidden gems. It isn’t a case of just walking into your local staircase supplier and pointing to the ones you like the look of. However, there are a number of suppliers who you can work with to create your ideal staircase, and if you are on a budget then it may be recommended to approach a local joiner rather than a huge company.

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So now you have found someone to help you build your staircase, what comes next? Making sure that your measurements are correct and ensuring that the sizes are perfect is absolutely paramount. If you don’t measure up correctly then you could end up with a very strange looking staircase indeed. Begin by measuring the total rise, or the distance from the floor below to the floor above. After this, you can determine how many risers are needed in between, with the standard measurement of these being at around 200mm. It is important to figure out which type of staircase it is that you would like to end up, so figure out where your staircase is to begin and end and then plan accordingly. After determining how many risers are required, next you should calculate how many treads you will need – this is generally one less than the number of risers. As for the width, it is commonly agreed that a width between 800mm and 900mm is seen as standard, so try to aim for somewhere thereabouts.

Next it is time to decide what type of balustrading you want, giving your staircase some real character and identity. Balustrading comes in any different forms and can be made from a number of different materials. Many years ago, balustrading would commonly be ornate and carved, but the trend nowadays tends to be more focused on modern styles and simplicity. Metal is becoming increasingly more popular and can look fantastic on your staircase, but there are many other materials that you could use including timber and laminated glass. Balustrading can be bought from your local DIY store or from builder’s merchants.

Lighting is an overlooked, yet important part of designing your staircase and all too often staircases are dingy and dark with very little natural light due to being positioned in the centre of the house. Make sure that when designing your stairs that you take into account what the lighting will be like once it is complete and one thing which cannot be stressed enough – stay safe!

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