Water Authority Approvals

It’s important to make sure that you make water approval applications before actually doing the work. This part of building regulations should not be overlooked and to make things easier, our experienced team are here to help jump over the hurdles as quickly as possible.

You need to make an approval if you:

  • are connecting to our pipes
  • are building or extending a house
  • want to move or remove our pipes
  • If you’re developing, subdividing or adding an extra dwelling on a property
  • When you want to change the level of your land and know this will impact the height of one of our wastewater structures
  • When you want to change the level of your land and one of our valves is in the way
  • If we don’t have any pipes for you to connect to
  • If you’re excavating, demolishing or building on a property.
  • And much more..

What is needed to get approved?

  • A detailed assessment
  • Explanation into your project requirements in regards to sewers, pipelines, etc
  • Potential site visits

If you are unsure as to where your project stands with water approval regulations, then get in touch with our team today.

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Water Authority FAQ

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