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New Build Schedule

(Before, above) Planning your time is important when taking on any project, but new-builds especially need to be organised correctly. Ensuring that you know the scale and length of the work that is being carried out is essential and will help you to plan accordingly. Doing a new-build on your own can be quite a [...]

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Open Plan: How to Get It right

Open plan layouts bring many benefits, but there are a number of practical considerations to be made to ensure a successful scheme. We have all embraced the new style of open plan living and somewhat left the idea of having many separate rooms in a house behind. Where this new style is being embraced so much, [...]

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Garage Conversion: A Beginner’s Guide

A garage conversion can add value to your property as well as additional living space to your home. Our Garage Conversion Guide takes you through what could be the ideal solution: a useful, additional space that is versatile, and convenient to both entranceways and the main living areas of your house. Want to introduce an entirely [...]

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Extension: A Beginner’s Guide

Why Should You Extend Your Home? Building an extension to a house is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking to maximize the potential from their property space. As well as increasing the value of your home, building an extension can improve the space and layout of your home. How long will it take? House extensions don’t build [...]

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Planning Permission VS Permitted Development

When clients get into contact with us, the question of "will this go through Permitted Development or do I need Planning Permission?" pops up quite frequently. Firstly, to make a decision on what action to take, it's worth knowing the difference between the two. What is Planning Permission? Planning Permission or Planning Consent is [...]

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Timing building projects

By Benerice, Admin  I recently took an enquiry from a client who was looking for architectural drawings and planning application submission; specifically, they were looking to have a loft conversion built. After giving clear and concise details of what exactly she wanted, I asked what she needed the loft conversion for. The client informed me that [...]

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How To Find Building Plots For Development

When looking to self or private build it is of upmost importance to investigate thoroughly your options in choosing a plot. Plots can be found everywhere from a large garden that can be partitioned or vacant lots. Through some detective work of the local area, map consultation and basic footwork, many plots which otherwise would not [...]

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