Feasibility appraisals or assessments are an important part of any construction undertaking. It is simply a way of evaluating the viability of the project even prior to construction. It is one way to know the parameters of the area and the budget as well. It is significant to have all bases covered and not run into trouble later into the construction that can cause more money and waste your time. Nowadays, your builder can provide you with an outline design so you can deliberate issues such as the budget and the necessary permits required. However, feasibility appraisals cannot give you the exact cost of the construction, it can only give a rough estimate and you should always set a budget taking this into consideration. The benefit of feasibility appraisal is that it allows you to make an informed decision.

Building Permissions

Building permissions and clearance should be sorted out ahead of time to avoid any hurdle in designing and constructing. You should have a clear understanding of what you can and cannot do and should be able to apply all necessary guidelines. You can always seek expert advice on this matter to make sure that you have everything covered. A planning consultant, even an architect is your best bet to give you the most informed advice. The planning department does not normally go beyond what is written in paper. Aside from building permissions,

Estimate the Costs

Estimating the costs of your construction is no easy task. You should rely on independent consultant estimators for this. Your builder may give you an estimate but most of the time, they do not go into the details and just give a wild estimate that is most of the time way above what it ends up costing. Builders can make intelligent estimates but they also want to get as much money as they can possibly get away with so it’s better to leave it to consultants independent of the builder’s firm. Estimates are never meant to be exact, but it is always good to have an amount that is closer to the real figure for budgeting purposes and time management.

Consider Your Neighbours before Construction

Your neighbours or the community you live in will also have a set of regulations in place. If not really written on paper, it is still a necessary step to inquire them about any regulations they might have with regards to the construction of your building. Doing so early on will get any potential issues that may arise between you and your neighbours later on. It is also a good sign of thoughtfulness towards them and what makes them comfortable. These kinds of things should be ironed out and settled amicably to ensure the smooth process of your construction. Although it is very rare for neighbours to be able to alter the decision of the higher-ups when it comes to new constructions, the stress that can come about from neighbours fussing and quarrelling can be quite detrimental.

Detailed Planning

Detailed Planning

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