By Benerice, Admin 

I recently took an enquiry from a client who was looking for architectural drawings and planning application submission; specifically, they were looking to have a loft conversion built. After giving clear and concise details of what exactly she wanted, I asked what she needed the loft conversion for. The client informed me that her family is growing so she needs extra space, which is a perfectly reasonable request.

She advised me that the property had been accepted for previous work so the new proposal is most likely to be accepted too. I talked her through our process, confident that she had an idea how the design/technical stage as well as the time frame for each stage. Bearing in mind she called in the middle of October, turns out she wanted the conversion to be built at the beginning of December, just weeks before Christmas!

I informed her that the time frame she has stamped on the project is too ambitious and if she would like to progress without a short deadline, I could happily assist and set up a consultation with one of our architects. I realised that however, no fault of her – this information is just not available. How long does it take to get something built and from that, when/where should you start the process?

Below shows the stages before what we say the ‘hole is dug and brick is laid’.

For an in-depth guide to what the different stages involved, check out our FAQs page.



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