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What Are Building Regulation Drawings?

These are the technical and detailed drawings that serve a number of important purposes. Building Control will use the drawings, firstly by checking that all details meet currently building regulation standards, secondly they will also use the drawings to check the on site works to ensure the builder is following the approved details and construction. Once the drawings are approved by building control, they can then be sent to the different building contractors to calculate their price. Materials and the overall construction is detailed and clearly shown on the plans so that they calculate their price accurately without any further fluctuations because of lack of detail. When the selected builder starts the works they will use the drawings as a guideline to undertake the proposed construction works and to gain the completion certificate from building control without having to make any expensive alterations.

What Do You Need to Start the Building Regulation Drawings?

If you have an approved set of planning drawings or would like to build an extension under permitted development then all we need is your approved planning drawings, and to be able to attend site for a survey. We use the planning drawings to apply the construction and regulation details to, we re draw the drawings into our latest CAD software and then break the building down into the elements required to show the details of construction. We always attend a site for a survey to inspect details such as trees, drainage and levels of land etc. If you send across your drawings we can start off by firstly calculating an accurate fee proposal.

Do I Always Need Building Regulation Drawings?

We always recommend that if you are going to have any construction works then you have building regulation drawings. The drawings are to show how the building works will comply to current building standards and so that you will have a building completion certificate at the end of the construction providing that the details are followed accurately. Builders will also need the drawings to calculate their prices accurately other wise there will be assumptions made.

One of our responsibilities with creating the drawings is to ensure the construction is done so in the most cost effective way. We always try to save the client money by designing the construction in the most sensible way. More often than not the cost of the drawings is always covered by the cost savings we can make for you on site.

How Long Will it Take to Complete?

We commonly take between 10 and 15 working days to complete the first draft of the building regulation drawings. With the first draft we send across to yourself and builder to ensure you are both happy with what we propose, we invite any comments to be made. Once all has been reviewed we then complete the full building regulation drawings to the agreed scheme and then submit to building control for their approval. We always submit drawings to building control so that all is checked and approved prior to the work start on site.

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When planning has been approved you may then require Building Regulations Approval and possibly a Build Over Agreement if your building near a sewer.

You may also require Party Wall Agreement/ Notices, Click Here for Information on Party Wall Details

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