Our Process

Trust in our proven process for successful project completion, and if you’ve already started, we’ll seamlessly continue from where you left off.

1. Design Phase

We carefully consider your brief and design practical solutions to deliver

4. Further Project Assistance

Once we’ve completed all the necessary documents and approvals your contractor can progress works!

2. Planning Phase

We prepare detailed planning applications to achieve consent for your project

3. Technical Phase

We provide detailed building regulation drawings as well as bring on board the relevant consultants for your project

Taking the Initial Step

At our practice, we understand the importance of careful consideration when it comes to discussing a new project. That’s why when you reach out to us, we take the time to fully understand your current problems, goals and any specific requirements you may have. 

Our team will carefully assess the viability of the project and, if it’s something we can assist with, we’ll arrange a free phone consultation to discuss it further.

During the call, we’ll cover a range of topics including your project goals and specific requirements, potential planning risks and how we can mitigate them, an overview of our process including the design, planning, technical and construction phases, the time frame for the project and what you can expect from us, and our simple fee structure. We’ll also provide ample time for any questions you may have and ensure we provide thorough answers.

After the call, we’ll give you time to consider the proposal and send comprehensive information in a fee proposal so you can take time to discuss it with anyone else. If you’re ready to move forward, we can begin the instruction process. However, should you wish to arrange an online meeting to virtually meet us and discuss the project details further, we are happy to accommodate.

Key Points:

  • Free quote
  • Honest advice and viability consideration

Instructing Us

When you are ready to move forward with your project, we will send an online instruction form to begin the process then arrange a site visit to get to know the property better and take thorough measurements. 

Before the visit, we send you a design questionnaire to help us to gain a deeper understanding of your priorities and wish list for the project. We will also suggest sending us photos of anything you have seen that you like the look of, as this will give us a better understanding of your design preferences.

Design Phase

As an architectural firm, we have a wealth of experience and have been trusted by many clients to design and plan their projects. We have worked on a wide range of projects, from small renovations to large new construction, and have a proven track record of delivering high-quality designs that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

One of the key elements that sets us apart is our strong communication with clients. We understand that the design and building process can be complex and overwhelming, and we are committed to making it as easy and seamless as possible for you. We will keep you informed and involved throughout the entire process and are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns they may have.

In the design phase, we take a holistic approach to design, considering multiple options while taking into account your specific needs, open-minded approach, zoning & flow, avoiding gloomy spaces, garden aspect, home working, storage & ancillary spaces, and property value. We also consider fundamental issues that planning, building regulations & budget will impose to approach the design with a realistic approach and identify any hurdles early on.

We also offer you expert guidance and advice, drawing on our extensive experience to help them make informed decisions. From the initial project brief to the final drawings, we are there to help you navigate every step of the process and ensure that your project is a success.

To further involve you in the design process, we arrange online screen share meetings to help discuss the designs and develop them into perfect proposals. We also provide unlimited revisions to ensure that the final design is exactly what you deserve.

In addition to our standard design services, we also offer the option of 3D visuals of the interior or exterior of the project to help you better visualise the final design. These visuals can be extremely helpful in understanding the layout and design of the space, and can also be used to make any necessary adjustments before construction begins.

It can help them to see how the different elements of the design come together and how the finished space will look and feel. It can also be helpful for clients who are located far away and can’t physically visit the site.

We can also provide different views of the space, such as day and night, to help you better understand how the space will look and feel in different lighting conditions.

Key Points:

  • Fixed fee quotation
  • Multiple options considered/suggested
  • Free revisions
  • Split payment (50% on start and 50% on completion)

Planning Phase

We are well-versed in navigating the planning process and have an exceptionally high success rate for planning approvals.

The first step is to assess the planning strategy and check for any potential risks or issues that may arise. This includes conducting precedent checks, policy checks, and assessing the type of application that will be required.

Once the strategy has been assessed, the next step is to carefully prepare all necessary application documents, such as appropriate drawings, completed forms, planning statements, and a design and access statement (if required). These documents will be submitted to the local planning department.

After the application has been submitted, our firm will act as your agent ensuring a smooth validation process with the local authority while it’s assigned to a planning officer. We will frequently contact the planning officer to discuss the proposal and track and monitor the application to ensure it is not forgotten. Any revisions that are needed will be made as quickly as possible. If objections are raised during the process, negotiations will be conducted to find a resolution.

Finally, to ensure that the project can proceed without interruption, we provide ‘planning protection.’ This means we provide a “free go” should a new application be required for the same proposal, especially for householder and full applications when our design recommendations have been followed.

With our extensive experience and knowledge of local regulations, our firm has a proven track record of obtaining successful planning approvals.

Key Points:

  • Payment on start
  • Council fee payment instructions sent to client
  • Free revisions and negotiations during the process
  • Typical council decision time frame 8-10 weeks

Technical Phase

As your lead consultant, we are dedicated to ensuring the technical phase of your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Our extensive experience with building regulation packages has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of how to provide detailed and concise information to builders, and our 100% approval rate for all our building regulation applications is a testament to our ability to guide clients through the building regulation process.

We specialise in transforming ideas into building regulation drawings that comply with building control regulations. Our drawings include typical detailed sections such as buildup and abutments, and we take a technical approach to our work by limiting potential construction risks and considering cost savings while providing clear and coherent drawings that give builders the confidence they need to proceed with the project.

As your lead consultant, we will be responsible for liaising with other consultants such as structural engineers, party wall surveyors, and building control, ensuring that all necessary approvals are obtained and minimising construction risks and challenges. We understand the importance of timely and effective communication, and we will track and monitor progress on our system, maintaining high levels of communication with you throughout the process. We will also process applications on your behalf, such as Thames Water build over agreements, and ensure a ‘plan check’ approval is obtained from building control. Additionally, we will adjust the plans as required to ensure plan check approval.

We are committed to providing our clients with the necessary information to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Trust us to act as your lead consultant and guide you through the technical phase of your project, ensuring that all necessary approvals are obtained and minimising construction risks and challenges.

Key Points:

  • Invoiced on start
  • Liaising with other consultants on your behalf
  • Careful risk consideration

Further Project Assistance/Management

We understand that taking on a construction project can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer an optional and flexible light-level project management assistance service to give you a helping hand during the build phase. Our service is tailored to meet the specific needs of small projects, and we are confident that it will help you achieve a successful outcome.

Our pre-commencement assistance includes providing additional information to assist your builder, such as lighting and socket/switch locations to assist your electrician, door and window schedules to assist with quoting, external materials palettes to outline the external finishes, recommended manufacturers/suppliers for doors and windows, and a copy of either a RIBA or JCT Domestic Works Contract template to be completed between you and your contractor. We can also provide a tender letter and review, including a basic review and feedback of the quotes received and advise the contractor on health and safety compliance.

During the on-site phase, we’ll be your voice throughout the build when needed, remaining on hand to flag any concerns as swiftly as possible. We can carry out site visits for major milestones such as pouring foundations, and we’ll create project progress updates where we report against milestones, and provide help and advice on decisions you will need to make during the build phase. Additionally, we can provide additional drawing details should your builder require further support.

With our assistance, you can feel confident that your project is in good hands and that you’ll achieve a successful outcome. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Key Points:

  • Optional/Flexible (You can pick and choose)
  • Charged on a hourly basis for flexibilty

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