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It has been reported by Rightmove that the asking prices for homes in London has seen its biggest fall so far this decade. The price has dropped by £18,000 on average in the space of just one month. This headline masks much larger falls in some of the capital’s … Read more

Conservative Party politician, Sajid Javid pushes forward plans to end leaseholds on new build homes across England. 

Builders and landlords have been instructed by the British government to no longer sell new build homes under lease-holding. This comes after the Conservative politician Sajid Javid stated “It’s clear that far too … Read more

Being rejected planning from the council can be tough when wanting to make changes to your project. This can often lead to failure to adhere to planning permission or comply with the details which is commonly known as “planning breach”.

Planning breach can also occur when:

  • Any building or development
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The number of homes receiving planning permission has risen up to 9% from January – March 2017, according to a report.

Increasing 3% from 2016, it’s reported that up to 123,300 applications were submitted to the district level planning authorities, 89,500 securing granted permission.

The first quarter of 2016 saw … Read more

Grand Designs Live Show (Above)

This year we attended the Grand Designs Live Show at Excel London. Grand Designs Live breaks down the conventional limitations to home building and offers visitors a chance to discover the latest innovations, explore this year’s trends and preview unseen products from around 500 exhibiting

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Many of you are attending the Grand Designs Live Show to find out the latest trends for the home as well as gaining inspiration for your very own project. Whilst anticipating the end product is well – It’s important to think about the pre-construction.

It’s great having a vision of … Read more

Beware of illegal Outbuildings….

An outbuilding can be described as any building on the property but not connected to the main building. This could be a shed, a free standing garage or building annexe. These are often built at the rear of a property and then converted for some form … Read more

When looking to self or private build it is of upmost importance to investigate thoroughly your options in choosing a plot.

Plots can be found everywhere from a large garden that can be partitioned or vacant lots. Through some detective work of the local area, map consultation and basic … Read more

Is London Becoming Overpriced?

No one would choose to live in a shoebox, but with London prices many feel they have no option, other than to live in a home far too small for their needs.

With increased working hours and the stresses of modern life, struggling to live in … Read more

Creating a Fantastic Bathroom….

It has been a long time since the 1940s -1950s when the shower was separated from the bathtub. At a time when having a ‘telephone shower’ was the culmination of a luxurious bathroom. In this new century, the upward trend in bathrooms is the wet room. … Read more

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