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High Quality Architectural Drawings

At Detailed Planning we produce detailed architectural drawings and technical drawings using the latest CAD (computer-aided design) software. The architectural drawings produced by our team allow the client’s design ideas to be developed into a coherent proposal in order to accelerate a smooth development through Planning and Building Control. Architectural drawings form the basis of any proposed construction work and are fundamental in the planning process. For instance, homeowners will need architectural drawings in order to propose an extension to their property to the local authority and to illustrate construction details to their builder/contractor.

How we Produce Our Drawings

In order to produce architectural drawings it is likely that we will need to carry out a measured survey of the premises. During a measured survey we will make an accurate recording of the client’s property using a laser measure. The notes taken during the site visit will allow us to begin to produce the client’s architectural drawings back at the office. It is the details and measurements gathered from this initial survey that allow us to establish the exact dimensions of the property, forming the basis of our architectural drawings.

Following the survey, the architectural drawings will be produced. The client can expect to receive initial architectural drawings approximately two weeks after the site survey. If the client requires any changes to the drawings they will be informed of the time they can expect to wait to receive the amended architectural drawings. There are many forms of architectural drawings that clients might require.

How Do Architectural Drawings Vary?

Types of architectural drawings include: floor plans, site plans, elevation drawings, cross section, detailed/construction drawings and 3D computer models. The most commonly required architectural drawing is a floor plan. Floor plans are a fundamental aspect of the planning process and can be used during the design phase to highlight your architectural needs. Please see our portfolio for examples of the kinds of architectural drawings we produce at Detailed Planning. At Detailed Planning we produce architectural drawings for a wide variety of clients from homeowners to commercial businesses. Please see the testimonial section of our website as an example of the range of our client base.

What is the Difference Between Planning and Building Regulation Drawings?

This is a very common question, it is important that you are not confused between the two as they are very different. The Local Authority even has two separate departments which deal with each type of drawing. Planning Drawings are what come first in the service. The Planning Drawings are what is submitted to the planning department at the council to gain the permission for a particular proposal. Once the permission is granted, the Building Regulation Drawings are to follow. The building regulation drawings which are commonly referred to as technical drawings are the detailed break down of the approved drawings to show all of the construction details. The proposed works will be presented in a a detailed way to show all of the elements involved in the construction and materials to be used etc. Please click on the green links to each page for further information and examples.

How Much do They Cost?

The Fees associated with the drawings vary according to the proposal and the type/ size of the property involved. If the property is terraced, semi detached or detached will also have an affect on the price. New build properties and flat conversions are an ever increasing demand and are costed based on the overall development and the scale of the proposal. To confirm a fee proposal please do not hesitate to contact us today! You will be surprised how affordable we are.

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