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Detailed Planning provide architectural planning services in London and throughout the surrounding counties. We provide services for architectural design, planning permission and building regulation services.

Planning Permission VS Permitted Development

When clients get into contact with us, the question of "will this go through Permitted Development or do I need Planning Permission?" pops up quite frequently. Firstly, to make a decision on what action to take, it's worth knowing the difference between the two. What is Planning Permission? Planning Permission or Planning Consent is [...]

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Feasibility Appraisal

Feasibility appraisals or assessments are an important part of any construction undertaking. It is simply a way of evaluating the viability of the project even prior to construction. It is one way to know the parameters of the area and the budget as well. It is significant to have all bases covered and not [...]

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Timing building projects

By Benerice, Admin  I recently took an enquiry from a client who was looking for architectural drawings and planning application submission; specifically, they were looking to have a loft conversion built. After giving clear and concise details of what exactly she wanted, I asked what she needed the loft conversion for. The client informed me that [...]

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Biggest fall in London property prices this decade

It has been reported by Rightmove that the asking prices for homes in London has seen its biggest fall so far this decade. The price has dropped by £18,000 on average in the space of just one month. This headline masks much larger falls in some of the capital’s most expensive boroughs. The average [...]

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Government plans to ban leasehold on New Build homes in England

Conservative Party politician, Sajid Javid pushes forward plans to end leaseholds on new build homes across England.  Builders and landlords have been instructed by the British government to no longer sell new build homes under lease-holding. This comes after the Conservative politician Sajid Javid stated "It’s clear that far too many new houses are being [...]

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Why to comply with Planning Permission

Being rejected planning from the council can be tough when wanting to make changes to your project. This can often lead to failure to adhere to planning permission or comply with the details which is commonly known as "planning breach". Planning breach can also occur when: Any building or development activities take place without [...]

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How to Choose a Builder

How to Choose a Builder... You’ve never had experience in the building trade and never developed a home. Even worse, you’ve watched too many programmes about cowboy builders or building disasters!  So where should you start when choosing a builder? Check for recommendations? Ask for quotes from smaller builders? Ask for quotes from larger builders? [...]

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How Planning Decisions are Made

What determines whether planning permission is given or refused? Some elements are not relevant to planning, but it is difficult to specify. However, where possible, all applications should relate in some way to the property purpose or its current development. The following summaries factors affecting planning decisions and factors that should not affect planning decisions: [...]

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Planning permission for residential homes continue to rise

The number of homes receiving planning permission has risen up to 9% from January - March 2017, according to a report. Increasing 3% from 2016, it's reported that up to 123,300 applications were submitted to the district level planning authorities, 89,500 securing granted permission. The first quarter of 2016 saw 83% of district level planning [...]

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How to Become a Successful Property Developer

The key to becoming a successful property developer... There are several key points to be aware of when considering property development. Firstly, watching and being aware of the market you are buying into. Consider the location, this being the most important factor in any house development endeavour. Researching the local market in the area and [...]

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