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Build Over Agreements

A Build Over Agreement is an agreement between a property owner and Thames Water, a water and wastewater service provider in the UK, that allows for the construction of a building or extension over or close to a public sewer.

When a property owner plans to build over or close to a public sewer, Thames Water must grant permission to ensure that the construction work does not damage the sewer or cause future problems with the drainage system. The Build Over Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the construction work and includes requirements for the design, construction, and maintenance of the building to ensure that it does not affect the sewer.

Thames Water will typically require detailed plans and specifications for the proposed construction work and may also require site inspections during and after construction. The property owner will also be responsible for any costs associated with obtaining the Build Over Agreement, as well as any costs related to relocating or altering the sewer if necessary.

It essentially confirms that the foundations of your new construction have given sufficient clearance from the sewer and that access will still be possible if the need arises.

If you have used our Technical Phase we will assess the need for a build over agreement with your water authority. If it is required we will prepare the documents and drawings required to obtain the consent.

We can guide you through the process of obtaining a build over agreement and make sure you comply with all of the necessary requirements.

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I felt in very capable hands and expertly advised. I’d highly recommend Detailed Planning. Our new loft conversion has maximised the space available to us. 

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