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At Detailed Planning, we pride ourselves on providing you with an expert, reliable and professional service. Every client and every project is treated with excellent care to ensure the success of your project. So, if you have been searching for a professional loft conversion company, you are in the right place.

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Attic & Dormer Loft Conversion Services in Edgware

Considering a loft conversion in Edgware to enhance your living space? At Detailed Planning, your local North London loft conversion specialists, we offer cost-effective and straightforward solutions for turning your attic into a functional and beautiful area of your home.

Many residences benefit from permitted development rights, meaning you often won’t require planning permission for your loft conversion in Edgware. Our expert team can guide you through this process, helping you secure a lawful development certificate to proceed confidently.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, dedicating time to understanding your unique design aspirations. The end goal? To bring your vision to life while offering transparent loft conversion cost estimates, creating a valuable space that you and your family will cherish for years.

Contact Detailed Planning today to start planning your dream loft conversion in Edgware! We are your number-one loft conversion specialist in Edgware, so if you are searching for a loft converter, pick up the phone and speak to our team today!

Your Family Ran Loft Conversion Company In Edgware

Since our establishment in 2011, Detailed Planning has been the go-to loft conversion company for many residential projects. Whether you’re a homeowner needing an extra bedroom for an expanding family or a developer aiming to capitalise on a property’s untapped potential, we’re here to meet your unique requirements.

Feel free to explore our comprehensive loft conversion guide for a detailed guide on the loft conversion process. You can learn everything you need to know about Edgware loft conversions, whether you need planning permission, and how to create a gable loft conversion that can be a new office space.

Our expertly executed loft spaces are available across various locations, including Barnet, Cheshunt, Edgware, Enfield, Finchley, Harrow, and London. Don’t miss out on optimising your loft space—contact our specialised team today to discuss your Edgware loft conversion needs! Our loft conversion company is always available to provide you with a new loft conversion!

Excellent service. Paul is very thorough and took his time to make his decisions and explain them to me. He is friendly and helpful and has a ‘can do’ attitude.

Would definitely recommend for any detailed drawings required, we got them in late in the day to provide building regs drawings, were really efficient in completing within the required timescales and went into a lot of detail to make sure everything was right.

I felt in very capable hands and expertly advised. I’d highly recommend Detailed Planning. Our new loft conversion has maximised the space available to us. 

Loft Conversion Design & Planning Permission Edgware

From the moment we initiate your project, understanding your vision is our priority. While considering your ideas for the outcome, we also balance this with factors such as budget, planning limitations, and construction feasibility. After all, a dream design is only worthwhile if it can come to fruition.

Our ultimate goal isn’t just to meet your needs. It is always to surpass your expectations.

Each project we undertake is as unique as the client behind it. From the beginning, we focus on ensuring your project is imaginative and entirely buildable. We provide technical blueprints and will meticulously evaluate every project detail to minimise potential risks, resulting in cost savings and fewer delays.

Our commitment to you is grounded in realism; we will only entertain a project if it seems achievable. During the design phase, we leverage our expertise and familiarity with planning policies to give your application the highest likelihood of success.

Our extensive experience working with various planning authorities grants us valuable insights into how decisions are made. Our team want you to have a habitable space in your loft, creating more living space!

Whether you’re envisioning a conventional home extension or seeking a cutting-edge, contemporary design, we’re equipped to bring your unique vision to life. We’re flexible in our design approach and committed to tailoring an architectural solution that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Understanding Your Project Goals

When we begin, we’ll take time to understand your brief, you may also have ideas of how the end product will look. We’ll take this into consideration but also consider costs, planning constraints and buildability. There’s no point designing something that can’t be built!

Striving to Create Quality Spaces

Our number one goal is to create spaces that meet requirements and go beyond the expectations of our clients. We love to hear that our clients are enjoying their new home and this gives us the energy to go on.

Believe In Quality Design for Everyone

Good design should not be limited to some Architects only. We are here to provide excellent architectural environments to all, at a more realistic cost compared with some architect fees.

Pushing Technical Detail

Every project is unique and ensuring it is buildable should be considered from the outset. Should we provide technical drawings, we’ll make sure risks on site are reduced by considering all parts of your project. This should lead to overall cost savings and minimised delays.

High Planning Success Rate

We never take on a project where the principle of the development seems unlikely to be approved. During the design, we’ll use our knowledge and check planning policies to give your application the best chance of success. We have worked with many authorities and understand how planning applications are decided.

Flexible Design Approach

We are not fixed to one design style; therefore we can be used for realist extension design to ultra contemporary. We will listen to your brief and design a bespoke extension meeting your needs.

Free Quote

Want to talk about your project? We will always check your enquiry to ensure there is a reasonable chance of success.

Our quotes are free and we can provide free office consultations should your project be viable. You can also read our article what is a loft conversion to answer any questions! 

Our Process

1. Design

Whether your family is growing, and you need an extra bedroom, or you want a new, bright, modern open-plan living, we can help find a solution to maximise your space. Here at Detailed Planning, we have a team of trained designers who are specialised in creating unique spaces for all types of briefs. We understand the cost of developing a property, so we’re sensitive to our costs and guidance. We aim to help you stretch your money enough for the best results!

2. Get Approved

We are experts at obtaining planning consent for loft conversion. If your house benefits from permitted development rights, we’ll complete the necessary drawing and documents to demonstrate your proposal falls within guidance and the permitted cubic allowance. Should your loft conversion require planning consent, we can give you the best chance of planning consent by acting as your agent throughout the process.

3. Technical

Our design team carries out the detailed technical drawings at this stage. We provide extra detail so your builder can construct your project with the quality it deserves. Remember, a detailed set of drawings is crucial for a project to go accordingly.

4. Ready. Set. Go

At last! Your dream home is now ready to go under construction! This is all very exciting, and you now have all the relevant drawings to hand. At this point of the project, we provide a continued support service, so feel free to call us whenever you like. All that’s left to do now is grab a cup of tea and relax!

This loft conversion project exceeded our client’s expectations and created a space for their family to enjoy for years.

This loft conversion project exceeded our client’s expectations and created a space for their family to enjoy for years to come.

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Ready to unlock the full potential of your home with a loft conversion in Edgware? Reach out to our team at Detailed Planning today! As seasoned loft conversion specialists, we offer unmatched expertise to transform your unused loft space into a functional, beautiful living area tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re interested in knowing more about planning permissions, loft conversion costs, or design possibilities, our team guides you every step of the way.

Don’t let that extra space go to waste; contact us now to start planning your dream loft conversion in Edgware!

Loft Conversion FAQs

What is the average cost of a loft conversion?

The cost of a loft conversion in the UK can vary widely depending on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the project, the location, and the materials used.

You can speak to our team here at Detailed Planning if you would like a bespoke quote.

Do I need permission for a loft conversion?

In most cases, you will not need planning permission for a loft conversion in the UK, but it depends on several factors, including the loft conversion type and location. It is recommended to check with your local planning authority or consult a professional to determine if planning permission is required for your specific project.

How long does it take to convert a loft?
On average, a loft conversion can take 4 to 10 weeks, but larger or more complex projects can take longer.
Do I need to tell my neighbour about the loft conversion?
You may not be required to inform your neighbour about a loft conversion, but it is recommended to do so as a courtesy. If the loft conversion affects your neighbour’s property in any way, such as during construction or blocking their view, you may need to obtain their consent or inform them of the plans.
Can a neighbour object to a loft conversion?
Yes, a neighbour can object to a loft conversion if they have concerns that the project may adversely affect their property in some way, such as blocking their view or causing damage. However, their objection may not necessarily stop the loft conversion if it meets all the planning and building regulations requirements.
Do I need an architect for a loft conversion?
An architect can help you design a loft conversion that maximises the available space, enhances the aesthetics of your property, and meets your specific requirements and preferences. Additionally, an architect can provide technical drawings, specifications, and project management services to ensure your loft conversion is completed to a high standard and within the required timeframe and budget.

Did You Know?

We have completed over 1000 projects
We have 97.5% success rate on planning application
100% building regulations approval!

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