Home Extension Approval Enfield - Detailed Planning

Home Extension Approval Enfield

Our architectural team has designed a beautiful and functional home extension in Enfield that includes several key features to provide a space for a family to spend time together. The design includes crittal doors for a modern look, glazing for natural light, a glazed roof for added light and airiness, brick detailing for a touch of traditional charm, parapets for a finished look, roof lights for added light, an open plan layout for a spacious feel, a kitchen with a large island for cooking and gathering, and a space for a family to relax and spend time together.

Obtaining planning permission from Enfield Council was a process that required careful attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the local regulations and guidelines. Our team worked closely with the council to ensure that the design met all the necessary requirements and standards, and that the extension would be a positive addition to the neighborhood. Through a combination of clear communication, expert design, and a commitment to delivering the best possible outcome for our client, we were successful in obtaining planning permission for the extension.

In conclusion, our architectural team is proud to have designed and obtained planning permission for this beautiful and functional home extension in Enfield. The design is the result of careful consideration of the client’s needs, the local regulations and guidelines, and the latest trends in home design. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome for our clients, and we are confident that this extension will be a source of pride and joy for the family for many years to come.


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