Functional Designs For Loft Conversions

Converting existing rooms in your home or business can bring massive improvements to the appearance and function of your property. Here at Detailed Planning we have carried out numerous conversions works, where we have converted unused space such as a loft or basement into new rooms. In addition we have done several projects involving the conversion of large houses into self contained flats. No matter what conversion services you require our team has decades of experience.

With a wealth of experience and a breadth of knowledge behind us, Detailed Planning can guide you through the red tape and help you to make the most of the space you have.

What conversions do we do?

We work on all conversions such as living room, kitchen, basement, bedroom, bathroom, garage, loft, general home and commercial.

1. Design

Whether your family is growing, and you need an extra bedroom, or you want a new bright modern open plan living; we can help find a solution to maximise your space. Here at Detailed Planning, we have a team of trained designers that are specialised in creating amazing spaces for all types of briefs. We understand the cost of developing a property, so we’re sensitive to our costs and guidance. We aim to help you stretch your money enough to get the best results!

2. Get approved

Now it’s time to get that Planning Application sorted. Once the drawings have finalised they’ll head off to your local council. This can take up to 8 weeks for a decision and throughout we’ll be making sure everything is done to make it a smooth decision. You’ll be kept updated every step of the way... As we find out news, you will too! As you’ll have some spare time on your hands, why not check out some design inspiration for whatever your building? We have many examples of our work on our website if you’re stuck!

3. Technical

This is the stage where the detailed technical drawings are carried out by our design team. We believe in providing extra detail so your builder construction your project with the quality it deserves. Remember, in order for a project to go accordingly, having a good, detailed set of drawings is crucial.

4. Ready, Set, GO

At last! Your dream home is now ready to go under construction! This is all very exciting and you now have all the relevant drawings to hand. At this point of the project, we provide a continued support service, so feel free to call us whenever you like. All that’s left to do now is grab a cup of tea and relax!

Want to see a case study for one of our loft conversion projects? Click here

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