Listed Building Consent Southwark - Detailed Planning

Listed Building Consent Southwark

We are proud to have recently designed and obtained listed building consent from Southwark Council for internal changes to a flat in a listed building in Southwark. The flat is situated in a historic building with unique architectural features and our design aimed to make the most of them.

The project included the addition of a new mezzanine level, which provides a spacious bedroom and makes the most of the high ceilings and original architectural features of the building. The mezzanine level is accessed by a custom-designed staircase, which is a striking feature in its own right. The use of natural materials such as wood and metal, and the preservation of the original features like exposed brickwork, fireplaces and ceiling roses, give the flat a unique and historic feel while adding a contemporary touch.

The new mezzanine level provides a real sense of space and light, and the new bedroom is a true highlight of the design. The bedroom is spacious and airy, and the mezzanine level allows for natural light to flood the space. The new layout provides a comfortable and functional living space that is perfect for a family or a couple.

Obtaining listed building consent from Southwark was a key aspect of this project, as it involved making changes to a building that is protected by heritage legislation. We worked closely with the local authority to ensure that the design met all the necessary requirements


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