5 Ways To Renovate Your Home: Detailed Planning

5 Ways To Renovate Your Home

3rd November 2021

Are You Looking to Renovate Your Home?

Choosing to renovate your home may seem daunting, but with our help, we can show you why it’s a good idea. Not only will you be able to continue living in a property you love, but all of your memories will be restored and captured without having to move elsewhere.

If you’re looking for advice on improving your current home, our expert North London-based Achitects at Detailed Planning are here to help. Within this post, we’re going to highlight some of the main reasons why you should renovate your home and then 5 of the top ways you can renovate. We hope this post gives you the guidance you need to help you explore some of the top ways you can renovate your home. With that being said, let’s get started!

Reasons to Choose to Renovate

Renovating is becoming more and more popular. We’re finding that there are more people who are choosing to renovate and extend their homes as opposed to buying new ones. Something that is also widely in demand is to renovate homes that may have seen better days. All in all, renovation is the next big thing, and here are 5 reasons why…

  1. Improves your quality of life
  2. Design and create a home to suit you
  3. Gives you something to be proud of
  4. Creates space and new areas of the home
  5. Increases property value

These points are just a few reasons why we believe that renovating is a good idea. Should you like to discover more about renovating and how to get the ball rolling in your home, please waste no time and be sure to contact us today.

5 Ways to Renovate Your Existing Home

When it comes to renovating your home, it can be easy to assume that re-decorating is the be-all and end-all. When in fact, you could be doing various things to improve and expand your current home.

Here at Detailed Planning, we’re here to show you 5 of the top ways to renovate your home. These are designed to give you the inspiration to take into account your own home. With that being said, our top 5 ways to renovate your existing home are:

  1. Extend your current space – An extension will open up more space to your property
  2. Convert your loft – This will give you an extra room in the home
  3. Update your kitchen and bathroom – This will make a huge difference to your interiors
  4. Redecorate – Focus on a room at a time as this will transform your space
  5. Convert your garage – This could be another room for a bar, home gym or bedroom

Top tip! Another top tip is to consider your outside space as well as the interior of your home. Make sure that the outside of your home is looking its best and if not look at new ways to improve it. This could be by revamping your driveway, tidying up the lawn or adding flowers or a garden feature to your space.

Create Your Dream Home

One of the best things about renovating is being able to design and create the home of your dreams. Rather than sticking to the usual, you’re able to make your home your own, this could be with an extension to create more space for you and your family or the interior design that adds the perfect, personal touch to your property.

So, if you’re in search of an architectural designer in the North London area, please look no further than Detailed Planning and let our expert team take care of your every need. Nothing is ever too small or too large of a request for us, so regardless of your plans for renovating your home, we’re more than confident in saying that we will be able to help create the home of your dreams.

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