Architect vs Architectural Technologist - Detailed Planning

Architect vs Architectural Technologist

30th April 2019

We’re often asked what’s the difference between these two qualifications and it’s a good question.

Both practices involve the design of buildings, the built environment, planning permission and technical design. Architects are said to have a greater interest in the aesthetics, whereas Architectural Technologists have often had more experience and training in the science and technology of buildings, such as how they are constructed. However, there are many Architects who are particularly technical in their approach and many Architectural Technologists who are very creative in their design skills, so prospective clients should be considered on their own set of skills.

Architects are governed by RIBA, whereas Architectural Technologist are governed by CIAT (Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologist).

Unfortunately, depending on the set skills and the company, there are still poor performing Architects as well as Technologist. On the other hand, there are great practices in either category that can cater for any project.

Generally, you may find that Architects tend to work to a certain style that they specialise in, perhaps they have a minimum job value they would work on, or tend to work on larger mixed use commercial schemes in city centres. Usually, Architects charge on a percentage basis but this does depend on the practice.

The above can still be the case for Architectural Technologists, however, it’s common for Architectural Technologists to take on smaller projects such as residential projects. Architectural Technologists should have a keen eye on how to deliver the design with current technologies, so the concept design naturally have this in mind. Some Architectural Technologist will charge fixed fees but this can also be the case for Architects.

Detailed Planning form in the category of Architectural Technologists, we adopt an approach of working on mixed styles, mixed scale and with a view to deliver client brief requirements with a concept design factoring in build ability by using common construction styles.

Whoever you decide to use, we recommend checking the firms previous experience as well as making sure they are a company your find easy and enjoyable to work with.

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