House Extension Ideas for Essential Extra Space

20th September 2021

Do you have a house that is bursting at the seams? Do you want to extend your home but are not sure what type of extension would be best for your lifestyle? Well, look no further. We’re giving you some great ideas for extending your home with no fuss or stress! You can read more about our suggestions, they have come from our North London Architect department, in this blog post.

Reconfigure Your Existing Space For a House Extension

When planning your extension you should consider how this will affect how you use the rest of your home. Many house extensions can enhance the use of an existing room or completely replace an existing one. Plan how you will use this now redundant space following the completion of your extension.

Additionally, you should consider the disruption your extension will have on your home during construction. Will you need to make arrangements for a cooking or living area. Discuss this with your architect and construction team.

A Contemporary Kitchen is a Great House Extension Idea

The kitchen is considered by many to be the most important room of the home. Baring that in mind, many choose to incorporate a contemporary kitchen into their extension plans. This is particularly beneficial if you are not currently happy with the kitchen in your home. If you choose to include a kitchen in your extension make sure to involve your architect, kitchen designer and construction team to reduce the likelihood of issues down the road.

Add a Conservatory or Sunroom Extension

If you are looking to increase the space in your home on a budget then a conservatory or sunroom could be a great option. Offering both additional space and a transition to your garden these could be the perfect extension. Sunrooms are also extremely versatile spaces, you can use them as a family space, living room, dining room or meditation space, the options really are endless.

Don’t Forget Ceiling Space When Considering Your House Extension Ideas

When planning your extension don’t be afraid to build vertically, whether you choose to incorporate extra high ceilings or build a second story, vertical high can be a brilliant way to add even more space to your home. Consideration should also be given to the skylight. Even a couple of skylights can offer the impression of a much larger space. Additionally, they can provide a substantial amount of natural light to your extension.

Outdoor House Extension Ideas

If you have a love for the outdoors why not incorporate this into your extension. You have many options in this regard, you have the option of conservatories or sunrooms as discussed above but also a pagoda or outdoor space. You really can reimagine both the interior and exterior of your home with this kind of extension.

Make a Feature Out of Your Lighting

If you have decided on the extension you want, make sure to consider how you will provide lighting to the space. Whether you choose spotlights, a chandelier or a skylight, how you light your extension can play a huge impact on how you will use the space now and in the future. That being said, be sure to match your light to your existing home to make a cohesive look throughout your home.

Expose Oak Beams for Extra Charm in a New Extension

During the design process consider using exploded oak in your extension this can be a great way to add charm to your home. This can also be used in conjunction with the high ceiling discussed above to give your home a whole new style.

Make the Most of a New Staircase in a House Extension

If you are planning a staircase as part of your extension pay special attention to the design of this staircase. You can not only incorporate under stair storage into the design but also use the staircase as a transitional piece from your original home to your extension.

Fireplaces: Bear Energy Efficiency in Mind

A fireplace can turn a simple room into a warm shared space for the entire family. Discuss the option of a fireplace into your extension with your architect. However, bear in mind that if placed in a conservatory or open space they can be quite inefficient to heat in the winter.

Consider an Annexe

Depending on the amount of land you have, don’t be put off by the idea of choosing an Annexe. These can be a unique way to add space to your home. Be sure to discuss how your annexe will receive water and power during the planning process.

Contact Detailed Planning For House Extensions in London

If you’re looking for house extension ideas that will provide additional space in your home, then this article is the resource you’ve been searching for. We’ll cover everything from small spaces to big ones and give plenty of examples along the way. Whether your goal is to make a bedroom bigger or create an extra family room, we have all sorts of options available.

You can even learn about how adding on can help with resale value if you ever decide to sell! Let’s get started so that you can find just what kind of addition best suits your needs at Detailed Planning today. Contact us now for more information to find out more regarding our architectural services. We will be more than happy to help.

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