How Long Does it Take to Get Planning Permission?

13th December 2019

In short, around 2 months… but there’s far more to it than that.  We have listed the different types of applications below.

Lawful Development Applications

This is for the typical loft conversion, 3/4m deep rear extensions and also side extensions. Once drawings have been prepared and the application submitted, the council will check that the validation requirements have been met. As soon as this is the case, then the council will set a target date of 8 weeks to make their decision. 9 out of 10 times this is met. However, some applications may exceed or come in slightly earlier depending on the workload at the council.

Householder Applications

This could include; wrap around extensions, double storey extensions or anything larger than the lawful development rules permit. Once valid, the council will start the 8 week determination period, this involves a consultation period of a minimum of 6 weeks so you should never expect a decision to be made earlier than 8. Around 1 out of 3 application may exceed the target date, this could be because of council workload or perhaps negotiations with the council to achieve a successful outcome.

Prior Approval (larger home extensions)

For terrace and semi detached properties it’s possible to extend up to 6m with neighbours consent for detached its 8m. A simple prior approval application can be made to the council and once valid a 42 day consultation period would start where the council would approach the neighbours for comments or objections. If objections are received the council would have the power to make their own decision (likely refusal) and this may be provided 2 weeks later than the 42 day consultation period. If approved, then you have the option (which we recommend) to apply for a lawful development application in which case a new application taking at least 8 weeks would likely occur.

Full Planning Applications (up to 10 new dwellings)

If you’re planning works to a flat, commercial properties, creating new dwellings or for more complex projects an applications known as Full Planning Permission is required. This should still take 8 weeks following planning, however, especially when creating new dwellings it can be a common occurrence for the application to exceed the target date due to comments or revisions being necessary. Any extension of time should be viewed as a positive because this means the council are prepared to negotiate (usually).

What happens if the application is delayed?!

Well, you could appeal but this would take even longer, up to 7 months!! This may be recommended when we would actually prefer the inspectorate to make a decision rather than the council (tactical reasons for the tricky applications only) however, in most cases it’s more sensible to wait (and chase) until a decision is made.

Anything after planning?

Yup! When an application is approved usually this means you’re at the half way point… Post planning you’ll need to obtain party wall agreements and building control plan check approval with documents being prepared such as engineers calculations and building regulation drawings.

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