How To Choose A Home Extension Builder: Detailed Planning

How To Choose A Home Extension Builder

24th September 2021

Choosing the right home extension builder is an important decision that will impact your life for many years to come. To make the process of choosing a home extension builder easier, we’ve compiled this list of questions you should ask before hiring one:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they employ their own staff or subcontract work out? What are their qualifications and certifications?
  • Do they offer any warranties with their services (e.g., guarantees)?
  • What kind of warranty does it cover (e.g., materials, labour, etc.)?
  • How much coverage do I get on my warranty (i.e., full replacement cost for 10 years)?
  • If I ever need to make a claim on my insurance

Find Out If They’ve Done Similar Extensions To Yours

As much as each project is unique, prior experience with a particular style can be extremely beneficial. From understanding the best way to maximise efficiency to providing insight into how to maintain a set budget. Don’t be afraid to visit an architect’s previous project and discuss the issues they have encountered and overcame in the past.

Make Sure You Are Comfortable With Them

When you are planning your extension and the right architect for your project, you need to remember that you will be working closely on this project. Both yourself and the local architect you choose should take pride in the project, therefore you must ensure that you are comfortable with the architect you choose. Remember you need to be open and honest with your architect when it comes to your expectations and the budget you have set for the project in order for them to be able to work toward the best outcome possible.

Look Out For Experience As Much As Accreditations

Experience can be more important than accreditation in some situations. When you are looking at potential architects be sure to discuss the exact role they performed in their previous projects. For example, if you select an architect to be a contract administrator, and they only have experience in the design phase. Also, use platforms such as MyBuilder or Trusted Trader to check the reputation of the architect you are interested in.

Get Like-For-Like Quotes And Make Sure Everything Is Included

Like in many industries one architect might charge more than another. It is important to understand what the additional fees are for and which stage of the process they will be allocated to. We recommend requesting itemised quotes for the work you have requested to best understand how different quotes compare. Even if you have essentially decided on an architect it may still be worth requesting two additional quotes, if nothing else for the benefits of comparison.

Establish A Payment Plan

At some point in any consultation, the conversation will turn to pay. Whether you plan to pay upfront or arrange a payment plan this needs to be set out and planned early on to ensure you and the architect fully understand the agreement. Many different payment plans can be arranged depending on your needs and the flexibility of your architect. If you have a payment plan in mind, discuss the options with them and come to an agreement that will work for both parties.

Check Their Familiarity With Planning Permission And Local Regulations

Planning permission and your local regulations can be one of the most complex stages of your extension. For this reason, you should discuss with your architect what experience they have with the planning authorities and the regulations of your local council. It can be extremely disappointing to agree on a design for your extension and then discover the plan is declined by your local council.

Agree on What Aftercare Will Happen After The Build

As with any project, complications can manifest at many points in the construction process. We can almost guarantee that at some point you will encounter an unexpected complication. You need to be sure that if you encounter one of these issues you can rely on your architect to help resolve the issue at no additional cost. Or at least at a pre-arranged cost.

When it comes to choosing a home extension builder, there are many factors that you need to consider. From budget and personal taste to the type of building materials used in your house, these considerations will determine how much work needs to be done before construction can begin.

We’ve outlined some important questions for you above so that you can get started on what is often an arduous process. Contact Detailed Planning for more if you need more information about how our team works together to plan projects efficiently and successfully.

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