How to Get Light into Your Home?

21st November 2019

Looking to improve your home by adding an extension, knocking down walls or creating more space? Take a moment to think of how the light will fill your home. Windows can make such a difference to the finish of your project, so don’t make them an afterthought! At Detailed Planning we will work alongside you designing all aspects of your project, from which style of windows to incorporate to the ones that would suit your design best.

Crittall Frames.

Fastly becoming the most popular style of window or window doors, these are versatile and timeless. Crittal Frame window doors can also allow you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, without compromising on light or space. They look great across the room instead of the typical bi-fold doors.

Pocket Doors  (no frame, sliding doors).

Pocket windows offer a modern seamless look and feel, almost like a work of art. However, it’s important to bear in mind that they will show your entire outdoor space. So, they’re the perfect choice if you have a great view, but if there are areas you would rather hide, they might not be the style for you.

Floor To Ceiling Windows (non-opening).

Think outside the box by remembering that these don’t have to cover large spaces, which means they’re fantastic if you want to let light through in little space. The downside is that you may need steels or lintel fitter as support as well, making them expensive, so you should check when drawing up your plans.

Window Seats and Corner Window Seats.

Imagine sitting on your window seat reading in the autumn sunlight, or having a meal as a family surrounded by natural light. Removing a section of a wall and replacing it with glass, breaks the mould and will add interest, while still being practical. You could use a corner of your room and create a window seat for your dining table, this could save space and make the room feel a lot bigger and brighter. When doing this, inform your carpenter from the beginning and plan carefully at the design stage to ensure the space would be big enough for the family to fit (including those extra numbers for dinner parties/Christmas.

Bay Windows.

A traditional, yet classic, option. If you want to incorporate this into your design, think of furniture as bay windows won’t work with most standard furniture shapes. Semicircle sofa designs are lacking slightly.


The most common style of windows or back doors. These are amazing at bringing the outdoors in, nothing beats being able to throw open the back doors on a summer day! They can however come with their own set of problems, making the room cool in winter and magnify the sun in summer so invest in duvet coats and suncream! Do your research to ensure Bi Folds will work to fit your lifestyle and preferred room temperature.

French Doors.

French Doors have stood the test of time and are a great option if you don’t want to go for the typical bi-fold doors. They also look great and allow you to throw open the doors without having to open up the whole space. Cost-wise, these are the best option but look into the design to make sure they will sit well with your style of property and budget.

Design Feature Windows.

Don’t always think windows need to be squares or rectangle. A circular window could be a great addition, especially if you choose stain glass designs that are also getting a bit of a revival, think outside that window box!



This is a window which is typically rectangular shaped placed above a window frame to allow additional light into the room.

Sun Tunnels/Solar Tubes.

Solar tubes/sun tunnels are a sheet-metal tube with a polished interior that act as a mirror to channel light the whole length, whilst keeping the light density. They are on the roof with a weather proof cap. This option is cheaper than a skylight and unlikely to need planning (but ensure you check first).


Skylight, Roof lights, Dormers.

Perfect choice for bringing the outdoors in and with companies such as Velux offering so much design choice to suit all needs and roof types you can’t go wrong. Skylights would look fantastic on both flat and pitched roofs and dormers in a loft conversion. Depending on your budget you could have a large skylight or a small one.

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