Need More Space in Your Home For a Baby: Detailed Planning

Need More Space in Your Home For a Baby

30th October 2018

Welcoming a new arrival and need more space in your home?

When preparing for a new arrival, the amount of nappies, clothes, baby bouncers and endless toys can be overwhelming. The big question is where to store it? Whatever your budget, we have come up with some different ways to create space in your home.

Before you look into any of the below options, have you considered a ruthless clear out?! Nothing beats a declutter/spring clean (in any season) to help clear your mind and get your home ready. Experts say clutter can have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical health.
Still no space?…We have listed below some ideas to help you make the best of your budget.

Low Budget?

Reorganising a space: Ever thought that a corner of your living room doesn’t really get used. A room divider/screens is a great way of changing a space, just ensure you use child proof screens (fixed screens are a good way round this). Its a perfect solution for hiding away all the toys, so when the kids are in bed you can just switch off without the mess in sight. phew

Changing the use of a room (not including a garage conversion): Do you have a barely used room, maybe a study or dining room that is collecting dust? Changing the use of a room is a great way of adding space. It really can change the feeling/flow of your property, and better still there is no planning permission needed. Easy win

Mid Budget?

Storage solutions: Not got a room to spare or a large enough room to section off? Try a clever storage solution using a staircase, under beds, or even converting an airing cupboard. There are lots of possibilities and with a bit of planning you could create something magical. Think Harry Potter sleeping under the stairs…

Stud Partition wall: This is fantastic way to create another room within a room. Turning a large living room into 2 rooms giving you a snug cosy living room for the adults and a playroom for the kids. There is no planning permission involved and shouldn’t take more than a day for completion.

Garage conversions: If you have a garage preferably one you haven’t already filled with that vintage car collection you have, converting your garage is one of the better ways to increase space. With a budget of around 15k you can convert the garage into a playroom, office space or an extra living room. Garage conversions can also add value to your property so definitely something to consider. For more information on garage conversions including which type of planning permission take a look at our previous blog here.



Outbuildings or Garden Room: This is a fantastic way to hide all those toys and get some fresh air at the same time. We have noticed a huge rise in the number of outbuildings and with so many design options to choose from it’s a hard idea to ignore. Another good reason for choosing an outbuilding is that usually no planning permission is needed, as long as the maximum overall height is of no more than 2.5m from existing ground level. Other permitted development rules apply which can be found here. You may just end up featuring within George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

Big Budget?

Loft conversion: How about converting your loft into a bedroom? This will enable you to change an old bedroom into a playroom or create an extra bedroom for your growing tribe! Before you consider a loft extension, ensure you check your properties permitted development requirements as these play a huge part with the design and success of the project. We have written a blog all about Loft conversions which will give you more guidance here.

Extension: Yes, we know it’s not the cheapest and stress-free option when it comes to a new arrival but nothing adds more value and space to a property than an extension. Single storey, double storey, there are so many options but firstly you must consider the time involved before you even start building work, waiting for planning permission to come through can take months, we usually suggest a minimum of 6 months planning and 3-4 months building. To understand extensions further…you guessed it…we have written a blog to help you, click here.

Just remember most of all, to just enjoy this wonderful time with your new baby and expect there will be a messy room every now and again.

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