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If you are in search of an alternative architect, then look no further than the team at Detailed Planning today. Our team of architectural designers are a great alternative to architects in Potters Bar, we specialise in providing a full professional architectural design service across Potters Bar and the surrounding areas. When it comes to choosing architectural professionals, we provide everything from design to documentation as well as residential and commercial planning. For more information on the architectural services we offer in Potters Bar, call Detailed Planning today.

Our team has a wealth of experience, over the years we’ve worked with a range of clients and companies in both the residential and commercial sector, when you choose Detailed Planning, no job is too big or too small for our professional architectural team. We’ll ensure that we work closely alongside our clients and customers to ensure that they receive the best possible service as well as help them to build the property of their dreams. Contact the architectural team at Detailed Planning for more information on the services we offer in Potters Bar.

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An Alternative to Architects Potters Bar

If you are interested in hiring an architect but can’t find a suitable architect to choose, have you thought to consider using Detailed Planning’s architectural services? Here at Detailed Planning our team are specifically trained residential designers and Architectural Technologists and have operated throughout the local Potters Bar area. This means we provide expert and affordable architectural services and can compete with the service and quality you’d expect with most Architects.

As an established company with a proven track record of providing a wide variety of projects throughout the area. You’ll be left in capable hands as we keep up to date with planning rules and laws. We also operate with all the appropriate insurances you’d expect from an Architect.

Here at Detailed Planning, our team will work closely with you to explain the process from start to finish whilst creating a design that will ensure a successful end product that can be enjoyed for years to come. We will combine your brief with our expertise to design a space that is individual to you.

Architects vs Architectural Designers

One of our most frequently asked questions here at Detailed Planning is ‘what’s the difference between architecture and architectural designers?’ It’s important to not confuse our company with the term architects as we are architectural designers, let us explain the difference between architects and architectural designers.

The services that are provided by an Architect/ Architectural Designer are broadly very similar. An architect usually spends more time studying the design process of building projects, while the architectural designer will have spent more time studying the actual construction process. It is worth noting that there are many architects who are highly technical in their approach and many designers/ technologists who are very creative and so individuals should be considered on their own merit. An architect is also likely to have more expensive fees particularly if they provide full project management services, by working directly with an architectural designer you may save yourself some money, which can be reinvested back into your project. The fundamental documents required to ensure a quality service whether through an Architect or Architectural Designer is evidence of the relevant qualifications and valid Professional Indemnity Insurance of a suitable value for the project.

Getting Started on Your Project

No matter if you choose an architect or an architectural designer both will be able to help you carry out your project. Architects and architectural designers have an extensive knowledge and expertise that is guaranteed to inject some inspiration and a designer’s flair into your plans and help turn your dreams into a reality. If you are based in Potters Bar and haven’t decided whether to use an architect or an architectural designer for your project, be sure to speak to Detailed Planning direct, we can give you our professional architectural design services advice in relation to your project.

Architectural Firm Potters Bar

As one of the leading architectural firms in Potters Bar, we can provide a wide range of services covering everything from initial plans to full project management. When you choose us, one of our team will work closely with you to ensure all of our architectural needs are met. We have handled all types of residential developments over the years from full house builds to extensions. We work across Potters Bar and have become one of the first ports of call for people looking for Potters Bar architect services.

We have spent years training as architectural consultants and have continued to keep up to date with all the latest changes in regard to planning and building regulations. Our aim is to provide a stress-free architectural service and we’ll do everything we can to ensure both the planning and building process run smoothly. With a wealth of industry experience, we have the skills and knowledge needed to provide one of the best architectural services in Enfield.

Excellent service. Paul is very thorough and took his time to make his decisions and explain them to me. He is friendly and helpful and has a ‘can do’ attitude.

Would definitely recommend for any detailed drawings required, we got them in late in the day to provide building regs drawings, were really efficient in completing within the required timescales and went into a lot of detail to make sure everything was right.

I felt in very capable hands and expertly advised. I’d highly recommend Detailed Planning. Our new loft conversion has maximised the space available to us. 

Why Choose Our Potters Bar Architectural Designer Services?

Our architectural services in Potters Bar will cover your whole project and we’ll also treat each design service uniquely to ensure that momentum is maintained throughout. Our priority is to help clients create their dream property, with a professional and collaborative team on hand, we’ll promote an effective working relationship for all parties, our expertise and specialist techniques are all part of an ongoing process. This is to make sure that we meet all of our customers’ requirements, whilst incorporating a range of benefits into clients’ projects.

Understanding Your Project Goals

When we begin, we’ll take time to understand your brief, you may also have ideas of how the your house extension will look. We’ll take this into consideration but also consider costs, planning constraints and build ability. There’s no point designing something that can’t be built!

Striving to Create Quality Spaces

Our number one goal is to create spaces that meet requirements and go beyond the expectations of our clients. We love to hear that our clients are enjoying their new extension and this gives us the energy to go on.

Believe In Quality Design for Everyone

Good design should not be limited to some Architects only. We are here to provide excellent architectural environments to all, at a more realistic cost compared with some architect fees.

Pushing Technical Detail

Every house extension project is unique and ensuring it is buildable should be considered from the outset. Should we provide technical drawings, we’ll make sure risks on site are reduced by considering all parts of your project. This should lead to overall cost savings and minimised delays.

High Planning Success Rate

We never take on a project where the principle of the development seems unlikely to be approved. During the design, we’ll use our knowledge and check planning policies to give your application the best chance of success. We have worked with many authorities and understand how planning applications are decided.

Flexible Design Approach

We are not fixed to one design style; therefore we can be used for realist house extension design to ultra contemporary. We will listen to your brief and design a bespoke extension meeting your needs.

Free Architectural Services Quote in Potters Bar

When it comes to architectural design in Potters Bar, be sure to make Detailed Planning your first port of call. With years of experience in creating designs and with an extensive portfolio of projects ranging from new build homes to multi-storey residential complexes and much more. If you’re based in Potters Bar or any of the surrounding areas and require architectural design, feel free to get in touch to discuss your design aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Architects Potters Bar

Are you an architect?

No, here at Detailed Planning we are a team of architectural designers covering both the residential and commercial sector, so whether you are a homeowner or a developer our team are focused on providing solution led architectural and construction designs for you and your project.

Do I need an architect or an architectural designer?

Many people choose to use architectural designers as it can help to take away unnecessary stresses and make the whole design building process run smoother. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to cope with managing plans against the local authorities or simply need architectural advice, then get in touch with us today.

What types of projects can you assist with?

Over the years we have worked on all types of architectural projects for both residential and commercial customers across the Barnet area. Whether it’s a new home, an extension or even a development project, we have you covered. We can guide you through our previous projects during the consultation, so you can see some of our previous projects.

What do you architectural services cover?

When it comes to our architecture services, our residential and commercial architectural design covers…


Internal alterations

Loft conversions

House extensions

New build dwelling

Garage conversions

Basement conversions

Shop from alterations

Change of use design

Signage applications

How much does it cost to hire an architect Potters Bar? 

An architect fee is dependent on the size, type and quality of the project that a client requires. For residential projects, architects typically charge between 11% and 14%, with lower percentages on higher value projects. 

However if you choose to hire the team or architectural specialists here at Detailed Planning offer our architectectural services at a significantly cost effective price. Want to talk about your project? We will always check your enquiry to ensure there is a reasonable chance of success. Our quotes are free and we can provide free office consultations should your project be viable.

Did You Know?

We have completed over 1000 projects
We have 97.5% success rate on planning application
100% building regulations approval!

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