New Dwelling Approval in Reigate - Detailed Planning

New Dwelling Approval in Reigate

Our practice recently designed and obtained approval for the demolition of a single home in Reigate and the construction of two new dwellings in its place. The project required careful consideration and planning to ensure that the new dwellings would blend seamlessly into the neighborhood while also meeting the needs of the clients.

The process began with a thorough analysis of the site and surrounding area to determine the best approach for the project. This included a review of the local planning policies and guidelines as well as an assessment of the site’s existing features and constraints.

Once a clear vision for the project had been established, our team began the design process. This involved working closely with the clients to understand their needs and preferences, as well as developing detailed architectural plans and drawings that would be used to guide the construction process.

Throughout the design phase, we maintained regular communication with the clients to ensure that their vision for the project was being realised. We also worked closely with the local council and other relevant authorities to ensure that all necessary approvals were obtained in a timely manner.

Once the design was finalised and the necessary approvals had been obtained, the construction phase began.

The end result was a pair of beautiful, modern dwellings that not only met the needs of the clients but also enhanced the surrounding neighborhood. The clients were extremely satisfied with the final outcome and we are proud of the work that our team was able to achieve.

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