Things You Can Do Without Planning Permission

5 Things You CAN Do Without Planning Permission

16th May 2018

If you’re interested in renovating, extending or remodelling your home you may not have to go through planning permission. You’ll find that many home development projects can be done under Permitted Development Rights.

Internal Alterations

As long as the total footprint of your home does not increase, you can, within reason, do whatever you like with the interior. Yes, you can remove walls and change the layout, but do be aware that any construction work carried out will need to meet current building regulations.

Single storey extensions

There are a few guidelines to make sure your single-storey extension doesn’t need planning permission, as long as it doesn’t come out too far, is built in complementary materials and isn’t too tall, you won’t run into problems. For all the up-to-date dimension rules, ask your architect or builder.

Adding a shed or outbuilding

Outbuildings are considered to be permitted development, not needing planning permission, subject to the following limits and conditions. You can find them here.

Loft conversions

Loft conversions provide a great opportunity to create additional space and may not require planning permission. Permitted Development allows for the construction of dormer windows, which would provide additional headroom within a converted attic. However, they must not sit higher than the highest part of your existing roof, or extend forward of the roof plane on the principal elevation.


A pretty little porch, on the front of your house, is not only a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition, it is one that shouldn’t require planning permission. Naturally, if you add a porch the size of a bungalow, you WILL need permission, but a single-storey, small entrance is nothing to concern yourself about.

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