Ways Using the Right Architect/Designer Can Save you Money

13th June 2018

Whether you’re looking into building an extension, converting or making internal changes to a property, you’ve probably wondered if getting in contact with an architect/designer will benefit your project.

Some of you probably think that working with an architect/designer will cost you too much – as you will be spending money on construction, so you feel as though an architect will be adding too much to the cost.

Sure, taking on a brand new construction project can be costly and a huge investment. It’s most likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make. For that reason alone, it’s important to look into how you’re spending your money correctly. Question, wouldn’t you want to be deliberate in how you are designing and planning to save money? Isn’t the aim to get the most bang for your buck?

Yes! Yes, it is!

Wondering how you do that?  Are you wondering how you create the best project possible, with the budget you currently have, add value over time, and still save money on your project?

Here’s how: Work with a good, knowledgeable architect.

Architects/designers have a unique skill set and expertise to provide various benefits to you and your project. But how do those benefits translate into added value and cost savings to you – savings that are valued at more than the cost of an architect’s fee?

Speeding up the application process

As architects are used to dealing with councils and the planning process, they are more likely to be successful in getting planning approvals. The planning system has become more complex and if there are any setbacks or problems, especially when it comes to planning permission and applications, an architect will be able to help you gain the seal of approval for your project.

Minimalise error

Correct planning in the early stages will ensure that there are fewer errors and unforeseen problems. An architect will monitor the work throughout.

Maximise optimisation and space

An architect will help you design a home that is as close to your dream as possible. They are trained to see the big picture and good architects are innovative and creative.

More efficiency

As well as functionality, an architect will consider the environment and the energy efficiency of your new home. They will provide value through the use of space and selection of materials. Energy efficiency, low maintenance and reduced running costs will save you money for years after the build is complete.

Speak to an architect/designer today

If you are planning an extension, conversion or new build then it is beneficial to speak to an architect before commencing any works. This will give you a better understanding of what is possible, the likely cost and timescales and what the next steps are.

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