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8 Different Types Of Architects

28th September 2021

Architects are the people behind the buildings that we see every day. They create everything from museums, to schools, and homes. Architects have many different types of specialities and personalities, but all of them want one thing: for their designs to make a difference in the world.

Architects work for private firms or public agencies like city planning departments. Some architects focus on interior design while others do land development-they may even be called landscape architects! The list goes on and on because there are so many different jobs out there for architects! For example, an urban designer is someone who designs how our cities grow by looking at things like zoning laws and transportation systems. This blog post, that has been written by our North London based Architects, will give you 8 examples of what an architect does

Commercial Architect

The most prestigious and famous architects are often those who design impressive city defining highrise buildings. These commercial architects do have the opportunity for career-defining projects. However, these projects are commonly not only in the public eye but also involve working with the client directly. There is significantly more pressure as any errors can be equally career-defining. Commercial architects must take into account the specific need and requests of the client but also the far more in-depth regulations around commercial properties.

Residential Architect

Residential architects specialise in the design of homes for private construction or estate development firms. It is commonly considered a less prestigious option compared to famous landmarks and skyscrapers, however, many famous architects have also done work on residential properties. Designing a beautiful and functional home can be surprisingly complex. It is particularly important that a residential architect is familiar with the local building codes and neighbourhood restrictions to ensure they can adapt their designs. Additionally, as many designs are used in many different projects it is important that the designs are easily modified in order to allow for a large variety of estate sizes and shapes. Residential architects are also your best option for home extensions. Residential architects are also the most important for when homeowners are looking to expand their property, but using the space available, for example, a loft conversion! 

Sustainable / Green Design Architect

An increasing number of firms are looking at the impact their build will have on the environment and the amount of greenhouse gas the construction and running of the build will produce. This is where a sustainable design and construction method comes in. It is important for sustainable architecture to have a total understanding of how to reduce the environmental impact of a building. This can include the construction methods and materials to the heating and lighting of the building. Due to this, it is common for a sustainable architect to be far more involved in the construction of the building than other architects.

Industrial Architect

Industrial architecture specialises in the design and construction of warehouses, factories, logics centres, etc, for this reason, it is very important they are experts in designing functional and efficient buildings. An industrial architect must be able to understand the use case of each zone of the building and be capable of integrating the required equipment and machinery in a way that will offer the most streamlines used of the final building. Due to the complexity of some of these projects, it is common for industrial architects to use the expertise of the client or industry specialist to design the best layout possible.

Conservation Architect

Architecture is not only the design of new buildings but also the restoration and protection of historic buildings. The UK, like much of Europe, has many listed buildings of historical significance. It is important that these buildings are protected from the elements to ensure they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Conservation architects must have an in-depth understanding of how to maintain buildings and still honour the period architecture of the historic building. Additionally, there are many restrictions placed on listed buildings that the architect must be able to understand and work within.

Landscape Architect

As many construction projects now include green spaces such as parks and walkways the need for landscape architects has never been great. These specialise in the design of outdoor spaces including public gardens, golf courses and orchards. They must have a deep understanding of horticulture as they will be in charge of what plants are used and where. It is important that they understand what plants will be suitable based on the climate of the project and the space and maintenance each plant will require.

Additionally, as many green spaces are planned for formally industrial zones it is important they can plan these areas while taking into account the previous use of space.

Urban Designer

In comparison to others architects who specialise in urban design rarely work on a single building or project. Rather they will work on city planning level projects. This can include improving the existing city and its infrastructure for the planning of a new district. The main area an urban designer will focus on is the zoning of the city to ensure that housing commercial and industrial space are arranged sustainable and with adequate infrastructure not only for the current plans but also for further development.

Interior Architect

Many assume that interior designers and architects do a similar job however in reality they are very different. An interior architect is responsible for ensuring that the space is used to its full potential. This can involve utilising modern construction and planning designs as well as a technical understanding of the use case of the space.

In this blog, we’ve covered 8 different types of architects. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what type might be the best fit for your project and budget! If not, don’t worry – our team is ready to help guide you through this process. With over 50 years of combined experience in architecture design and planning, there’s no doubt that Detailed Planning can handle any size job with ease. We’ll take care of everything from concept development all the way through construction drawings so you never need to stress about anything architectural related again! Ready to get started? Why not contact our friendly team today.

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