Infill Extension in Ealing - Detailed Planning

Infill Extension in Ealing

Recently, our architectural practice completed an infill extension in the London borough of Ealing for a family home. The main goal of the extension was to create a spacious, modern kitchen and dining area for the family to enjoy. One unique aspect of the project was the inclusion of a pitch roof, which was added specifically to address concerns from the local council about the potential impact on light for the neighbors. Despite these concerns, we were able to design the extension in such a way that it actually increased the amount of natural light in the space, thanks to the incorporation of strategically placed roof lights on the pitch. The result was a beautiful and functional extension that was approved by the council and met all necessary building regulations. The homeowners were extremely satisfied with the final outcome, and we were proud to have been able to provide them with a space that they can enjoy for years to come.

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