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1st July 2019

So you’ve got the budget and some ideas for your house extension but can’t quite decide on the layout for your rear extension. When you have your initial consultation with your chosen Architect/Architectural Technologist, they will look at different options for your project, considering regulations, lifestyle, your personal budget and material options.

To help you choose a suitable layout for your property, we have listed a few ideas of what you could achieve. For more information, make sure that you call Detailed Planning’s planning consultant team.

Our team have helped plan and design a range of extensions in the past, including; single-storey extensions, ground floor extensions, a modern rear extension on semi-detached houses and much more! A rear extension will give you more living space; you can utilise natural light and enjoy sliding doors out to the garden; what more could you want?

Let our team offer you a range of rear extension ideas; whether these are for a single-storey rear extension or a double-storey extension, Detailed Planning is here to help you!

Planning Your Rear Extension

It can be about creating seamless transitions from the new space to the existing one, both inside and outside your property or a completely separate space.  Rear extensions are the most popular types of residential extensions with a wrap-around, double or single storey. 

If you need help with a rear extension idea, you are in the right place; an extension can be for a new dining room or a new bedroom, and you can use your extra room for various reasons.

Whether you have plans on how you envision your new space will look or are searching for rear extension ideas, we’re here to help. Our architects in North London have been providing house extensions, loft conversions and architectural services for many years now, so regardless of your needs, we’re confident that our advice and ideas will help you make the most of your new space and the design. With that being said, let’s get into our rear extension ideas…

Need an Extra Bedroom?

If you have an ever-growing family and the thought of your toddlers sharing a room when they are teenagers fills you with dread, this could be a fantastic option. The norm for an extra bedroom would be to build a double-storey, but if your budget doesn’t allow for this, don’t discount a downstairs bedroom.

If you need the extra bedroom, then the cost compared to moving could save a lot of money in the long term. This is ideal for families that love their existing building and do not want to move; adding a new extension not only gives you another room but also will increase the house value should you ever look to sell.

Bedroom extensions are popular for many reasons; from adding a new bedroom to your home to expanding what’s already there, you’d be surprised at how much extra space you will gain once your extension is completed. Whether you have a pitched roof or a flat roof, we can help!

Utility Room?

Thinking of building an open-plan kitchen towards the rear garden? Look into the option of adding a utility room into the design. It will save you from shouting over that noisy washing machine and tripping over those clothes dryers in the winter.

If you like having a utility room, but it isn’t a big enough reason to move, then having a rear extension could help solve this. You could add a utility room to your kitchen (and make that bigger simultaneously) with Detailed Planning.

We’re here to tend to all your home extension needs, no matter your reasons or requirements.

Additional Bathroom/Shower/Toilet?

It’s said bathrooms can add 4-5% to the value of your home. Just think of what an extra toilet, bathroom or shower room could do to your day-to-day living in a busy family home (no more queues for the bathroom).

The long-term benefits are great also for people thinking of their forever homes, as a downstairs bathroom/loo is a great help with young children and the elderly.

Whether you’d like a downstairs toilet added or an extra bathroom upstairs, our architects at Detailed Planning can help. We provide rear house extensions to suit your every need, making those mornings of getting ready for the day much less stressful!


Just think when the kids go to bed, and you just want to sit on the sofa ready for an evening of Netflix, but now you have to spend most of your evening tidying toys away that you know you will be straight back out in the morning. Imagine an evening where you don’t have to do this, and you just close a door! Amazing right?

You have your evenings back to enjoy. Now we’re not saying spend 30-50k on extending just for a playroom. Being clever with your layout by extending other rooms, such as the kitchen, could allow you to make some internal changes that will mean you can change the use/split with other rooms to create a playroom. In the long term, this room could be used as an office, extra/guest bedroom, gym, etc.!

Snug Space?

A snug is a small private space designed to offer peace and relaxation. Just think of those cosy nights on the sofa before a good box set. If you have an ample open plan living space, adding on a snug is a great place to hide away at the end of a long day.

The possibilities are endless! You could make a snug room like a date night at home, allowing you to relax and enjoy time together without having to leave the house. Not only that, but your snug space could come in handy over the years to be adapted for other uses.

Gym? – Saving on Those Monthly Memberships

Adapting a garage is sometimes the most obvious way to create a gym at home, but not everyone will have this luxury. A gym won’t add value to your property, but if you choose to sell, the gym can be marketed as a spare bedroom etc. If it will suit your lifestyle and you have the space, we say go for it!

A rear extension is a great way to make the most of your space. Not only that, but when you’ve spoken with your designer and can see what it will look like, you’ll be sure never to miss a gym day again!


This is the most popular option for a rear extension, and there are good reasons why… extra space, open plan living, adding value to your home and bringing people together in a central space. Many design/layout options exist for open plan/extended kitchens.

Your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your home. It’s used for entertaining, cooking and enjoying time with family and friends, so if you’re currently lacking space or have extension ideas to expand, we can help at Detailed Planning. We’re here to offer a solution that allows you to add extra space to your home. Speak to our architects in North London today about your kitchen extension ideas.

Living Room?

If you have a layout where your kitchen is in the front of your property, increasing your living room or adding a new space on the back without going to an open plan design is a great option to allow for more space for a growing family.

Our back-of-house extension ideas help you make the most of every space within your home, and your living room is no different. Let our experts help with all your needs regarding living room extensions, and be sure to call our experts today for more information.

Office – Where You Will Create Your Multi-Million-Pound Business!

Much like a playroom, this is a luxury to be able to extend only for this room, so we say look at the same principles as the playroom and go by that. Top Tip for offices – if space and layout allow, place your desk facing towards a window to allow you to look out into the garden when working; this may seem counterproductive. Still, just the little break looking out the window onto a lovely view may help you be more productive.

For More Rear Extension Ideas, Call Detailed Planning Today

We hope we have given you some inspiration for your rear extension. We also offer loft extensions as another way to create extra space in your home. Get in touch with us at Detailed Planning for your free quote for architectural services.


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